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Brewing Scandal Halts City Lakefront Project :: fictional news article

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County Judge brings city's plans to a halt on Friday as the Southstar Glen City Council submitted paperwork for finalization of funding and permits to convert the former Lakefront space formerly owned by Greer Properties as part of a contract that ended last month and the sale is now in process. 

Judge McGaulter cited concerns of questionable and broken links in paper trail and some forms indicating conflicting data from that submitted by the Greer Properties LLC at the beginning of the month.  By the end of the day Friday, the county judge ruled the paperwork insufficient and  pressed city officials on the details of sale.

When contacted by email, Greer Properties expressed they where taking a " Passive Action" on the latest deal stating that the city had in fact been legally bound to continue the contract until 2020 yet expressed a off-putting attitude including failing to adhere to the contract for the last 2 months of it in 2018.  " We felt it was for the best to take passive action on the matter and revoked the contract with them, the city, and found them eager to purchase the section once the contract was officially closed" noted the representative for Greer LLC. " We rather play ball than concern ourselves with petty details of the matter".

City officials are now starting to be called out on social media within the county for trying to impose personal bias on the community and some calling it a washout tactic to stop the advancement of intercity rail.  A topic that has been under heat the last few years when Valley Pines based transit company VPTA started bidding to expend into the Southstar Glen area. 

" Some city officials are Anti-Rail and will kill to win" one tweet noted as others simply called the move " Corporate controlled assassination of public interest. ".  Three City Council members have repeatedly  been criticized for their "No" vote against the VPTA expansions and many citizens are starting to fear the city is using this venture as a way to bring immanent domain laws into effect to restrict inner-city rail into the city.  When asked of these claims; Greer LLC lawyers quickly noted that citizens have little to fear of such actions as the sale documents exclude the current VPTA right-of-way that exists along the properties in question. 

Some still fear the worst as one Facebook user noted that the county has been refusing VPTA permits for freight operations as well as enforcing stricter guidelines for any expansion the rail company wished to make.  " The county is trying to kill rail like most of American states as of late" they posted.  Some mentioned the recent suspension of operations of the Southtar Coast Lines railroad which operated excursion revenue within the transit district under claims of noise complaints. Noting it as the county and county and city officials trying to silence the smaller companies as well. 

At the time of printing; the SouthStar Coast Lines Railway had been in the works of acquiring land and moving their assets to the other side of their line hub found at Forest View's former Rail Station for the 1900 railroad of the same name.  The former depot was in operation until 1967 when passenger service was ceased and the railway closed it's door putting much of it's equipment to auction and some of the key pieces being purchased by former employees whom formed the current iteration of the company. 

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