Monday, May 25, 2020

#Maynochrome #2 - Kawaiichi Memorial

Happy Memorial Day ( even if a tad late)!!  My second drawing for #Maynochrome by JJ.  You can check out the entity of the challenge rules and info on her tumblr

Just a random Kawaiichi - which I honestly am novice at drawing compared to Janna.  But this Kawaiichi salutes and help celebrate the day of remembrance.

While May is almost over; I have about 2 sketches yet to finalize to make my total for this year’s challenge at 4!! And that is 4 more drawing in a year than some years in the past.  So much ups!

©2020 Dave Minton; Artwork and Character

Sunday, April 26, 2020

MaynoChrome #1 - Jag ECW

I may be a week early and I can’t guarantee the 30 let alone 10, but we shall at least know I started a week early! 

Below you can see the image (#1?) of Jag.  She was a pretty big ECW fan back in the day… As you can see - she even had a Sandman “ Blood, Sweat, & Beers” shirt from a show she may have been at.  I can confirm she was very offended by the WWE version after the buyout. :)  (( gawd imma nerd ))

I should note that this is TAD 🔞 (18+) due to - - - MISSING… PANTS… anddeffonotforkidspeircings :: cough ::

Also before I abash you with the wonder that is Jag…  This image, as noted before, is part of my BFF Spirit-Sister’s hashtag challenge, #Maynochrome, which is a really neat way to promote looking more at the shadows, highlights, and key points of an artwork instead of just a palate full or spectrum. 

B/W + 1 accent color with extra cookies for halftone, crosshatch, or other texture based techniques.

I’ve been kinda trying this interesting ruled line shading I am fairly sure I a YouTube artist do!  Use of just a rule or straight edge to place lines in varying spaces as a form of 1 angle cross-hatching.  Still tinkering with it, but was used on Jag’s tattoos mostly and a bit more impatiently on her shirt text and hair highlights.

I used my Ohuhu Markers to try and add extra grey tones shading and kinda fix my inking goof on her neck.

Enjoy!!! and also check out my Spirit-Sib’s Hashtag challenge!!  She’d appreciate it and it is a great way to add some challenge in your art skills, kill some boredom or the usual antsy jimmies of being at home way more than you would prefer during the current events in the world.

© Dave Minton 2020; Image & Jag
 Be sure to check out my other socials to the right!! I'll most likely be posting any additional Maynochrome images on Instagram first before they hit tumblr and the blog here. :D

Sunday, April 05, 2020

It won't make sense and will never be seen... i think

Short quick notation. 

My twitter is flooded with my thoughts and mindset right now just before bed as I still sit in a rather chilly room ( I am too lazy and cheap to turn the heat back on in this 30 degree night).  While my username has stayed fairly much the same.. i've bounced domain and blogs like a rail car hopper for years.  this text won't make sens to anyone but my BFF/Spirit Sister and to someone who doesn't know that WayBack Machine redirected me to their current webspace tonight.

in the end... the true message I just wanna put into the world thru this post is TIME.  More-so than ever now as we are all supposed to be social distancing and going into a state of mind I have lived a lifetime of ( extreme introvert here, Hi!! Welcome! ).

Time will erode anything, alone or with help of nature.  The most difficult thing to erode with time is thought and words said along with actions.  In my past, many moons ago, I was put into a situation that both terrified me, hurt me, and made me bitter to people.  From that event I left with only 1 friend left from that group, a driving promise to always make everything for my websites myself (guess why I haven't yet made Celix Productions. Com again), and a list of 2 people whom enacted the events that I felt wrongfully attacked over.

Washing our Hands of details cuz Hygiene (!!)

Tonight while poking nostalgic old laptop backups of my internet favs... I poked the last site I had found of the #2 spot of that list.  Wayback Machine took to redirecting me to a page I didn't know of and that turns out was current. Within that page I looked at posts, blog posts mostly, and started to see behind the curtain.  I started to get a feeling of catching up to the reality that there is no cut and dry in life and the #2 spot person actually was quite parallel in thought and feelings of me - albeit with much sadder and less supportive tones than even I had.  I had my grandmother and the only friend I had and still have to this day thanks to the internet.  This person was struggling more than me, having health issues, job issues, ect.

Tonight I basically was humbled and kicked in the face by the fact that even with little attempt of an ego... I still was a jerk to carry on with this person on the list. And while they are 100% unlikely to be following me or remembering me - I read their entries and feel so sad and wishing I could offer digital hugs at least.  The best I can do, while knowing if they ever did get any alert of my presence - it would possibly result in a heart-attack or worsening their mood and life, if try to send warm positive energy the best my little hurt soul can. 

And to hope my late night post can possibly radiate a message to everyone that we always think beyond ourselves or the situation.  Carrying hate or general dislike now is still an attractant to Karma and also can easily rebound back to you being the one hurting someone else.  All because you don't know the story or because while you assumed this person is getting on better than you - they are actually hurting and struggling worse than you.

be kind guys!!   Again... I know this person will only see this if they feel some direct need to check up on me.  I never changed my usernames (CelixDog) anywhere.  I'm easy to find. If they do find this post or my tweets tonight... I hope that they read them and know how sorry I am for my past self's actions and assumptions.  And I hope maybe they can tell me if the warm positives reached them or not.  I don't have many I can offer - but I shall try to send some! :>

Friday, March 20, 2020

Worst Virus for Beer Makers...

So.... who all is stuck in their homes during this virus business?

My workplace seems to be figuring that they won't shutdown unless they are forced too and are sadly like many corporate based places that are not offering Paid Leave or assistance to employee's if they do feel sick or wish to self-isolate.

So I still go to work as the norm and make sure to do the bulk of my paper product usage there as stores look like they going under from ransacking.  It's a scary time for many and panic or fear are rampant.  Those not fearing the virus are fearing it's effects on their living and income.  I for one feel that burn as I already am pretty thin financially.

BUT!!!  Lets look past this and toward the positives:
  • Time to spend with loved ones
  • Some people who are self-isolating are getting a chance to recharge
  • This is forcing people to really access their hygiene practices and that of our nation as a whole.
  • Anyone who needed a week to drown in Animal Crossing gameplay got their wish.
  • Introverts, like myself, are seeing less people in stores that are open! :)

  I also have read that some areas, like the canals in Venice, are becoming clean again with the lack of excessive human interaction.  The world and Nature is getting some time to heal and breath as well.

I urge those who read this or those who are somehow intercepting my mental thoughts as I type - know this is only temporary insanity of the masses and will soon hopefully pass.  We can all only pray and hope that once past, the people of the world will take appreciating of the 30 seconds of soapy hand washing and the time they have to consume and interact in the landscape.

Some fun tips from myself looking from behind my fence of alternate vision:

  • All the media and emails about the virus, from everyone who are subbed to or have accounts with, popping up in mass to your inbox or devices are not worth your consideration or time. The info you really can trust is on the local or federal Health Department Sites.
  • Realize that this virus, as any, does not choose where it starts or who takes responsibility for it's surfacing. While many point wayward fingers at China and those of Chinese heritage; families of the same are struggling from horrid reductions in business.  If you ever loved Take Out or Exploring that Asian Market - NOW is as best of time as any to patronage these folks in any form you are currently able that is still safe for yourself and those around you.  Many offer Curbside or Drive Thru Service!  We must be helping each other no matter the society induced conditions we are given.  They, We, Me, You, ALL of us are the same at our core and deserve the aid and respect of our brother and sisters in kind.
  • Respect!  I cannot stress this point enough in the same 12 pt paragraph spacing.  Events like this are pushed by media and those who have - they want those below them to fight and hate and they want to distract us from the reality of now.  Check up on your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, and other that may find this entire time trying, worry-some, or anxiety triggering.  Respect everyone's space and expect they wish to give you the same back.  This is a test of humanity and I for one want to see this bring us together now and forever; not another 9/11 where we all helped for a month and then just forgot everything and went back to the norm. 
  • Create!!  If your an artist, creator, or just never tried and ran out of other things to do on your lock down - create something.  Art, Images, crafts, videos, stories, anything that gives you a white-space to express your mind and imagination.  An active mind will never fill with boredom and you will feel cooped up if your time fly's while having fun or just trying something new.  If it's streaming or videos; post on YouTube or Twitch or other streaming sites and share your ideas with others!!  Make a podcast and talk out your stories and thoughts to others and see if your ideas attract more positive like-minded peoples!  Now is the time to tap into the unknown.

I hope these help and I hope everyone stays safe and sane during all of this.  Remember not to hoard paper products!! There will always be enough for everyone - same for anything you buy!  Also don't sub paper Towels for TP; they are made tuff for a reason and your pipes won't like you.  Granted the local plumber will LOVE you! LOL