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Artists' vision can affect a world

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Have you ever followed a comic, online or off, which has been able to pull you to keep up with it at least once a week?  Have any found their ways into your dreams?

A comic I follow and have followed for a good maybe one or two years named Misfile,, found it's way into a dream late Friday Night & into Saturday Morning.

I usually never seem to recall my dreams unless they bleed into my waking upon morning and slowly fade enough for me to realize just what is happening. Yet after doing my checkup of the Misfile comic for the week - the comic was able to somehow imprint into my mind and wire itself into a space usually reserved for my own creations.  A space where I dwell on outcomes and brew ideas, and at times let it all play out as a movie ( with or without me as a character of it).

But let me step back a moment and give you a fast synopsis of the comic itself - without giving away spoilers I hope.

"In one little corner of the universe; there is nothing more irritating than a Misfile". This is the tagline between each chapter or book of the series and is the most basic whole scope of the comic which has been going for apparently over 10+ years.  I myself was introduced thru random internet browsing around what would be Book  22; yet I backlog read to get a general jest of it.  The world of Angels and Humans are tied by a system and one of those is a filing system, which when a less studious employee accidentally switches around some files creating a misfile, changed the lives of two high school students.  A book heavy girl with a mother driven path to success names Emily and a grease money guy with a local mountain to his claim named Ash.  

The misfile however changes the paths for these two people and hurls the two into direct opposites of their lives in one way or another.  From Studious to a loss of years, poised to graduate back into her first years.  From Grease Monkey King of the Hill; to Queen of it.  The bumbling fool whom caused it comes to earth as an exile and finds the two; bringing them together and creating a  partnership at first by situation and soon a relationship based on looking beyond the cover. 

Will the misfile ever be corrected and if so, what will the correction do for the pair.  Will it rip away a relationship they have made? 

The comic has gone from the initial shock of the guy and focusing mostly on his changed life.  He stands as the one with the biggest change and as of the most current page, the comic is updated 5 times a week - Monday thru Friday, has been the relationship between Emily and Ash. 

A guy, whose been refiled as a Girl and a life everyone knows him as a girl, now has developed a very serious romantic relationship with the girl who lost some years from her schooling and yet found there was more to life than studies and what he mom wished.  The misfile being corrected leaving a huge concern of Ash not remembering Emily an they start to question if they wish to return to how things should be.  Ash is graduating High School and this adds even more stress to the situation.  It may have been pertinent to have mention before this; this comic would get a PG13 rating at least. The imagery does not show blatant nudity, yet silhouette can do wonders and language is as one expects from the daily life.

But there was more to this... My Dream...

The dream I woke from I had fresh imagery of the last comic update.  I found myself almost both audience and apart in Ash's place. While a bit hazing now, as all dreams wain as you carry on life, but I know there was talk and shyness as mimicking what Ash most likely was feeling in the last 2 pages.  And then we were  off to a store, yet oddly a store known by me in my real life within my real state.  We drove in Ash's car together with the bumbling angel and I decided to scenic the route.  I passed at least 2 of these HyVee's as a way to spend time as Ash with Emily it seemed - within Ash's own mind.  Emily was a bit angry as by the time we got to the HyVee I planned and got out of the car - dark was falling and it was known we would be probably scolded by the parentals'.

That is the main thing I recall and woke up from.  But I was also in shock in real life that my mind decided to enter someone else's realm and allow me to be seeing what would be a non-official arc of a comic story.  It was very surreal.

Yet as I thought more of this as I started to try and truly wake up ( No easy task as it is); Misfile shares some noticeable parallels to my own stories.  Aside from Angels and Reapers; you have a thinking beyond convention or the norm.  You have my thinking of female reapers and a system of processing those "collected" & you have a filing system for all humanity which needs better security.  Both things the artist had to think beyond the normal and in the end the reader or viewer has to be open to receive.

Misfile touches on many aspects that toss you for a loop as a reader.  The story starts and focuses on the idea of Gender Swap and even more-so further on touches with the ideas of identity and even as of late a pseudo-Lesbian relationship.  Of course in spirit and soul Ash is male; yet in body he is female.  Yet Emily, looking past Ash's physical features,  seems him as his male form and they share some intimate times that kinda raise the question of how do you make Hetero actions between what is considered Same gender forms?

While the actual ratio of artists' in the world today are any number between open and closed minded in some way or form.  We can all agree that the viewer is mostly going to lean to a more refined closed state on anything beyond their comfort zones.  Yet as an artist in any form - comic, portrait, photography, and literature - pushing people to both go outside of that space and open themselves fully to something different is the calling from the act of art itself.

I felt it was an amazing revelation, and most likely much better organized in my head at 9AM this morning, of how art is there to test us and that as artists; any human has the chance to draw what they see and know -or- jump blindly into a world they create which has no reason and can draw people to it without alienating them or their state of mind.

Just a interesting little tidbit on my mind today.  I'm hoping it was coherent enough and maybe inspired you to step outside of the box or to look into a work you otherwise may not have.  Below I have a Source Link to Misfile as well as a sample Comic Page.  Of course this is for reference and to help introduce you to the comic.  Starting from page 1 to Current also brings about a great progression of artistic improvement in the art style as well.

Book 7
SOURCE:  ::  © 2004-2019 Chris Hazelton / Celestial Filing Depot, LLC

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