Saturday, May 18, 2019

South-Side damage confirmed :: fictional news article::

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VALLEY PINES - Breaking News!
Southstar County Sheriff's office confirms tornado on Southside Valley Pines.  At 7:34pm a tornado was reported by storm chasers entering the Southside Valley Pines area of 234th street and County Hwy 7. The rating is unknown, but chasers calling in the touchdown noted a weak tornado with a half mile wide base had just ended prior to crossing into Southstar County.

The Sheriff's office has been responding and in a press meeting at 8PM noted that some blocks are considered total losses.  They also noted that officers and deputies will be restricting access of the area for all media and news outlets citing a need for maintained order and to bring peace to those hit tonight.

" Our deputies have been on scene extracting and doing recon within the 10 blocks hit by the tornado.  To aid this effort, the dignity of the families, and contain risks... we will be enforcing a arrest order on anyone found attempting to hinder the process or add to the greif of families involved" City Spokesman for the Sheriff's Command Center.

At time of printing no confirmed death were reported, but Deputies say they are expecting worst case scenarios.

Stay tuned to local media for developments and weather alerts.

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