Wednesday, July 30, 2014

outside the box amazing photo art + Monthly Vocaloid Fix

came across this thru the most indirect of forms via the J3t tumblr to this source of what is the most epic use of small, possibly N or HO Model Railroading Scale, figures in different situations with food you wouldn't normally think of.

It's amazing how people can take a simple item and turn it into something we'd never think of... and snap out minds from the mundane to the wide awake and attentive mode/mind-set.

On that note...  Vocaloid Monthly Fix tyme!  Well okay or can just call it CelixDog's obsessed with Vocaloids from time to time when he finds a epic song and has to tell someone!  You are the lucky someone... you are welcome! XD

Source: - Channel: pkjdx3

Very hoppy and fun and some kinda fast bits and the graphics I find very fun too. Somehow I feel the need to make an advanced warning if you suffer from seizures or just dont like uber flickery;color expolosion Japanese based videos... don't watch this un without consulting your doctor... or the local guy who thinks he can see pink elephants reading the NY Times and listening to Enya.  K Thx Bai!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Veggy Noms

Rather off topic in a way, but watching my usual YouTube Subscriptions last night and saw un of WULAS ( Watch Us Live and Stuff), where one of the Smosh guy's and his GF vlog, and she was talking about a protest she saw and vlogged a little bit about.

It was an animal rights protest and it apparently en-flamed her passion to voice her views on the topic.  From my understanding thru the vlogs... She and Anthony, The Smosh Guy, had started eating vegetarian and then vegan on their own general reasons and while still cheating at times, they stick pretty well to it.  I notice in the videos that California seems to have ALOT of vegan based places to eat apparently which in general I think should be a trend that carries itself across the US.

She posted a blog on the same topic within the day or so,,  in which I feel is a entry that everyone should at least read in full.  I'm a meat eater and while I am essentially blissfully unaware of the overall animal treatment issues of our world...  I do have the great pleasure of having met a girl over 10 years ago, who became my best friend that I couldn't imagine living without knowing, whom is vegan.  Her diet was I feel from the start something she was uncomfortable with sharing and took a while before I really knew just how fully Vegan her diet was.

I get alot of conversation from my friend about vegan diet in general for ones health and well being.  The animal treatment doesn't enter in as much, yet it's still an issue that comes into play.  The true guidance i've taken away from having been friends with her for so long is to try new things, to look at labels, to go for the TRUE organic when possible, and that she isn't a bunny.  She's cute as one, but not a fluff bunny.

Kalel's blog focuses on the main issues politically on the meat industry mostly and then on the same echoed words of my friend on how it's not needed.  Again while I take in the info.. my mind still programs to eat things animal based.  I will say I think I eat a lot less meat now than I did in the past, I've always been finicky with my food and hated fruits and vegetables, as well as meat with fattyness on it cuz it tastes so ick and slimy.  So meat was always a on and off in steak form and such, but burgers worked fine.   In the past 10 years though ive found I am more willing to get salad with more than 1 leaf of lettuce.

The views ive learned and felt is more-so on the fact of finding that, while people argue we're made to eat meat, our body's are actually not created to consume certain things.  Milk made in cows for baby cows is one of them.  It's formulated for baby moomoo's not humans.  Yet we consume it like water and praise it's health.  Who was the last Caveman you heard that was lactose intolerant?  The other side of the coin... green foods are made up of chlorophyll that makes it green...  our bodys are made up of that same thing to bring moisture and color to us.  In an Ann Wigmore book I bought under my friends suggestion ( and have horridly been not reading much yet... it's been YEARS)... Ann talks about the need of the same things plants get.. in our bodies.  This makes sense in a way as Kelel notes.. we derived from chimps; unless your of the religion that we just poofed into place and started building NY; and chimps diet is plant based.

I also, while trying to keep this short as I should be in bed {waiting on said friend online}, have conversed with my friend and read of how things like drinking and eating wheat grass can basically super charge your body and even could cure cancer.  And on that topic refer to my post about Christina Cooks.  The food we eat, even the Veg and Fruit is being manipulated by our government to the point it makes us ill and created a secondary government income with the medical industry.  Don't believe that previous comment? Think back or Google when the first person with Restless Leg Syndrome, or ADD, or Erectile dysfunction was.  Literally take a moment to think of the fact that back when your food came by rail car from the respective locations they best grew in the USA; people did not have these illnesses.  We had illness like flu and cold from the temperature changes, we had bug illnesses like malaria, and general body shutdowns from old age, gun shot wounds, and the like.  It wasn't because we never knew what they where...  people in those days wrote everything down as they didn't have facebook to post on.

It was never noted until the times our government started being more in control of the foods we eat, corporations started developing to make and sell our food, most foods made in the same plant when they shouldn't be in the same state, and when the idea of needing more more more production required modifying food and animals to get larger yield.  When this time came, families didn't have to rely on good weather for the wheat crops so they could go to the mill and grind it into flour.. they went to the 5 & Dime and bought the stuff that came from California.  The need to hope for a good year didn't matter as much because our food came from many areas of different climates to ensure your bread got to your table and when the wheat just wouldn't grow fast enough.. they would spray it with some fertilizer to give it a lil kick em up.  That fertilizer then became more popular as farming turned into "Agriculture" and large facilities where made that needed to make profit and thus they spray'ed the crops until the corn giggled.   That same spray then leeches into your food via the plant you eat or the meat of the cow who ate the toxic feed and the cow's body absorbed the food as per normal, yet now it has some funkay stuff in there to go "WTF is this?!" and store into that Tbone you eat.

Again Im being WAYYYY to wordy;  Just check out the blog post, she links a video that I personally have no intention to watch as her vlog mentions barf inducing scenes which I honestly don't need to see.  I can't say im cutting meat from my diet... all I can say is that I try each day to try something new because that something can be plant related.... and I can be encouraged daily by my friend who links me sites with amazing looking foods that are 100% vegan, yet look 100% Epic.   And for me just the result of her diet I see in means of her health, mind, spirit, and body is enough to make me very jealous of the vegan diet... I mean they have recipes for oreos that are no bake, vegan, raw, and taste the exact same as a real one!  Reminds me I need to re-find that recipe and try it. :3

Saturday, July 05, 2014

vacation nears....

So my vacation I have to Arkansas is on July 20th.  Granted the 19th is the start of it, yet I will most likely due to current temporary work hours keeping me at work til 10pm, and I am not ready at all!!  0-0;

The major condition I gave myself is I had to get the tired replaced on the Aveo before vacation and I will have to try to get up SUPER early Monday and rush to the shop to drop off the car and get a loaner as they do that.  Meaning car needs to be cleaned out and I still have to dottle my finances to make sure I have the funds arranged.

I also have to arrange hotel yet, which i'll do online, and get ready to pack as well.  Stressful next week or so indeed. Also still have to renew my driver's licence before it expires. x.x

My plan for the trip is more simple and lacking detail as I am not going to try and follow Route 66 this time.  Last years trip seemed to be a lot more than I bargained for and I lost a lot of time.  This time I will drive straight there with only a few side-trips if needed (ie. Fuel, Food, or interesting Photo Ops).

My hope if to get to Arkansas on the normal 12-hour time and check into the hotel... and depending on the time of that day either go get supper and go to bed... or cruise around a bit.  After that again there is no real plan other than the shameless Sam and Ella's Pizza Palace run in Tahlequah, OK and I might ponder trying to get some video of the Arkansas & Missouri trains.  I could also go to Ft. Smith... and also I kinda wanna check out the Eureka Springs, AR area to check into some info I have seen online of the old rail route for what was once the Frisco Line.   Eureka Springs is a bit of a trip and can be very people crowded, which doesn't do good for my shyness, yet its also a very mystical place of history and standing charm from old Victorian houses and streets to the Crescent Hotel ( rated as a top haunted hotel in the USA).  It is also known to have a very large Gay and Lesbian citizenship, which doesn't bother me as I don't have issues with that kind of lifestyle.  I do not follow it myself and would rather NOT be approached by someone of that lifestyle in a romantic way.... but I still accept the fact that they love differently then me and others do.

The entire concept is simply to love who you feel a connection with.  It's why I oddly have a deep soul warming feeling when I think of Kawaii and Silverspirit's connection as they are Bi; having first been together as a couple and over time developing a love for opposite genders.  They still are very close and they still have those feelings for each other.  They connect on a level of trust and common ground being the same gender and knowing there more to the relationship than just sex and a facade.  They understand each others wishes and feelings and desires and can communicate that without words.

But getting off topic here;  Basically I just wanna get to what I feel is my home state, even if I was born in Wisconsin, and experience the welcoming feelings again.  My life goal per say is to get into a situation where I may return to Arkansas to live some day.  It is a very large almost unrealistic goal I feel, but I will try to make it.  Financial matters are always my downfall as I am not the best at them.

I'll try to get photos to post here and maybe also on instagram and, if any really good photos, the spirit bridge DeviantArt account.  I just need to get my head on straight and get moving on being ready for this. 0-0;;