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Artists' vision can affect a world

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Have you ever followed a comic, online or off, which has been able to pull you to keep up with it at least once a week?  Have any found their ways into your dreams?

A comic I follow and have followed for a good maybe one or two years named Misfile,, found it's way into a dream late Friday Night & into Saturday Morning.

I usually never seem to recall my dreams unless they bleed into my waking upon morning and slowly fade enough for me to realize just what is happening. Yet after doing my checkup of the Misfile comic for the week - the comic was able to somehow imprint into my mind and wire itself into a space usually reserved for my own creations.  A space where I dwell on outcomes and brew ideas, and at times let it all play out as a movie ( with or without me as a character of it).

But let me step back a moment and give you a fast synopsis of the comic itself - without giving away spoilers I hope.

"In one little corner of the universe; there is nothing more irritating than a Misfile". This is the tagline between each chapter or book of the series and is the most basic whole scope of the comic which has been going for apparently over 10+ years.  I myself was introduced thru random internet browsing around what would be Book  22; yet I backlog read to get a general jest of it.  The world of Angels and Humans are tied by a system and one of those is a filing system, which when a less studious employee accidentally switches around some files creating a misfile, changed the lives of two high school students.  A book heavy girl with a mother driven path to success names Emily and a grease money guy with a local mountain to his claim named Ash.  

The misfile however changes the paths for these two people and hurls the two into direct opposites of their lives in one way or another.  From Studious to a loss of years, poised to graduate back into her first years.  From Grease Monkey King of the Hill; to Queen of it.  The bumbling fool whom caused it comes to earth as an exile and finds the two; bringing them together and creating a  partnership at first by situation and soon a relationship based on looking beyond the cover. 

Will the misfile ever be corrected and if so, what will the correction do for the pair.  Will it rip away a relationship they have made? 

The comic has gone from the initial shock of the guy and focusing mostly on his changed life.  He stands as the one with the biggest change and as of the most current page, the comic is updated 5 times a week - Monday thru Friday, has been the relationship between Emily and Ash. 

A guy, whose been refiled as a Girl and a life everyone knows him as a girl, now has developed a very serious romantic relationship with the girl who lost some years from her schooling and yet found there was more to life than studies and what he mom wished.  The misfile being corrected leaving a huge concern of Ash not remembering Emily an they start to question if they wish to return to how things should be.  Ash is graduating High School and this adds even more stress to the situation.  It may have been pertinent to have mention before this; this comic would get a PG13 rating at least. The imagery does not show blatant nudity, yet silhouette can do wonders and language is as one expects from the daily life.

But there was more to this... My Dream...

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

FROM THE WEB:: How to find your Art Style w/ DrawingWiffWaffles

5 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR ART! | How to Develop Your Art Style | Beginner ...

Finding this YouTube Artist thru another I am subscribed to; A very nice walk-thru of inspiration of finding your art style as well as good tips.

I think I can for sure say that in the years from the last year of the 90′s and into around the 3rd or 4th year of the Millennium; the style I started with as I tried to find my way around and was coming off of doing a very visual tracing of CatDog scenes on TV... Is not the style I had around 2004.

At the same time; I’ve obviously steered my mind away from art 100%; not in a form of which I do not like nor do it - but as I found other projects I wanted to try and my mind continued to brainstorm with my characters who kept living on their own devices within my mind.

Yet when I did try to return to drawing; such as around 2017 and 2018; I was amazed how I felt my style again had improved even with no real practice time. Bearing of course I did see many errors and after a month of posting the art; I would see things that made me squirm that I goofed on - tho hence is how art works.

Enjoy this video and Sub to the creator to support them and their dreams! :3

Media Credit: DrawingWiffWaffles

Saturday, December 15, 2018

explaination / eventual return?

I really should have posted this prior to the news article idea I posted.  Yet it comes to me as I wrote that how much fun it kinda is to try not to totally botch a written form.  Especially one trying to be a news article.

But... I owe you ( what readers I do have) an explanation.  The lack of Vocaloid Fixes or just posts in general.

in February this year, the grandmother I have lived with since as far as I can remember suffered 8 mini strokes overnight after I found her laying dazed on the floor after work.  I should have taken her then.. not listened to her saying she was just cold and to cover her up... I will regret this first decision my entire life I feel.  That morning after the finding of her, I woke and was about to go to work - I checked on her and found her attempted to get out of bed, yet she didn't get butt half way. 

I called 911.. I followed her to the hospital in my car and I called off from work for the day.. 2 days.. 3 days...  4 hours later they did the MRI that would discover her 8 mini strokes from a fractured larger clot in her heart - the 8 small clots found their way to her brain.  She underwent blood thinning and the Hospital after 3 days believed she was well enough to take to physical therapy and rehab in a facility within town which is mostly a old nursing home doubling as a rehab center.  I believe being sent here was the first great nail to seal grandma's fate.

She slipped to near death and once starved of the drugs they had been giving her in addition to her normal drugs - she bounced back miraculously yet was kept on a Hospice status due to small traits like her sleep habits or walking issues.  She only got 2 weeks of actual physical therapy initially due to her sudden slip in health.  They never came back to get her rehabbed due to her lingering hospice status and while I was able to bring her home for visits - they wouldn't let her go home alone. Nail #2

 She slipped again a few days before Thanksgiving more deeply. From a sudden cognitive loss and her legs failing her and on Thanksgiving I came to her with food I made from her own recipes to maybe cheer her up and yet she was just not there with us in mind. She ate some and said I did good.. :)

That was a hard day for me cuz I had hoped by then she'd be home...  about a week or two later - she went unresponsive for about 2 minutes in the morning and came back if only thru oxygen and morphine.  The days after that were clear she wasn't going to win this one so easily as she had in the past.

On November 30th, she passed at 1am while I slept to wae on the Friday to go visit her.  I took off work on the assumption she may die soon and I wanted a day to spend with her - she wasn't able to wait for me to visit tho.  To me and in my eyes - I lost a Mom, a Freind, and a partner in crime.  I am now in my eyes alone in this world.  My other family members exist and yet I just have had so muc of my life being with Grandma - it hurts.   And in a way I guess it's healing to me as I write this with my nose getting stuffed up and water leaking from my eyes; all things I wasn't expecting as I wrote this.

Yet...  about this blog.

City Promotes New Years Event as Last :: fictional news article

Disclaimer:  The below texts are fictional based on events/locations of fictions at times utilizing real life names, places, ideals. No names or otherwise noted prior are used with permission and are solely for sake of adding to the story context and mood.  Any copyrights are to their owners and the author of this blog does not claim any part or position to such rights
SOUTHSTAR GLEN:: SouthStar Daily Times
 Promotions for the New years Eve Bash event at the SouthStar Peace Terrace campus have drawn attention of citizens and others outside of our city as the adverts note the event will be the last of it's kind after this year. 

Six months of city and state debate ended Friday as the city reached agreements for future development within currently held lands owned by Greer Properties LLC., to whom the city's contract ends in 2020. The city's contract to gain income and host events on the former Glen Garden's land, which was purchased from the city under a very unusual contract allowing the city options to gain income without the cost of campus maintenance or event overhead, went under fire in June of 2018 as the city noted a decline in attendance to it's shows and less event's booked.  While the city still profits from the deal - it was suggested there was better use for parts of the campus which the city wished to buyback for development.  Such matters required all parties and the State of Arkansas to hammer out details and restrictions. 

On November 2nd, 2018; Greer Properties LLC agreed to the sale of the full Lakefront section of the campus  for a reduced $1.2 Million and a contract revision to update the ownership lines.  Greer Properties expressed in a returned email that there were many stipulations to the sale including the operation til the end of the year of the lakefront area as well as items which would return to the seller upon disassembly of the stage rigging.

This sale of course predated the city mayor elections in which Mayor Elect Susan Anderson's 3 year seat was taken by her opponent Ray Silverson.  Mr. Silverson's campaign ran on the heels of his affiliation with a more Socialist government style and had hopes of adding more green space and to start luring in green economy into the city.    The land deal was completed as a city hold lot until Silverson's proposal in late November for a green space retail and commerce development within the campus lot. 

The plans now passed thru Arkansas state boards and with the EPA received a nomination for Platinum Level LEED Status once completed.  Utilizing green space, living roof designs, and natural systems for light, HVAC systems, and Water are top on the list for what is being called a "Intensely Elaborate and Ambitious Project" by local officials.  The cost of the Project is budgeted at $1.9 Million as Bids are currently being received from across the state. 

The New Years Eve event will top off the final event within the Lakefront area with music from viral acts such as K/DA, Papa Roach, The Birthday Massacre, and more with Deadly Kosen's frontwoman Bethany Vixette overseeing the event.  The event has been pushed as a 4-day long event of local and big name bands, rides, attractions, flea markets, and a Countdown fireworks show put on by Johnny Bam Productions. 

Once the event finishes and crowds have subsided; city crew's will be locking off the grounds until work begins to dismantle stage equipment and begin grading the area.  Greer Properties LLC will be responsible for the tear down of the area and initial grading work per the city's plans before the city's hired companies will take over. When asked about her views on the steps the city was taking; the owner of Greer Properties, Jag Greer, stated it was unexpected yet sees it as a positive forward step expressing a desire to see more Green and LEED based influence within the city. 

The SSPT campus will close January 2nd to allow crews full access to the lot and will reopen the Botanical Gardens and Annex buildings by the start of February 2019.  Greer stated that her company had expressed a desire to take the LEED step with the city and told us that her company is investing $788,000 in the renovation of the Annex Hall with greenscape roofing and off-grid power systems which would be able to still handle the large power draws the building has during concert events with the vast lighting systems they use. 

"If I could make the thing {sic} breath I would" said Greer in talking to us. "Everything I have seen and done up to this point never had a eye to the environment and many promotions don't think of the impact we really have on our world" she added noting she is also looking into new vendors for paper products which will be used on campus during the events.  The Greer company also has issued a press release earlier this year stating the return naming of the campus to "Glen Gardens Campus" by next year due to the changes in campus space. 

New years Eve Bash tickets are for sale currently at the SSPT Ticket Office, At the Gates from December 29th - 31st, and at most SuperSavr Stores. Tickets cost $15 a day or $50 for the full event pass. VPTA trains will stop at the SSPT campus side track station all days during the event prior to the SouthStar Red Line closing for evaluation.