Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just a recap of my morning twitter spam

So this morning I check facebook trending to see what all the #AllMen and #All women bunk is about... and eyeah typical event as lately seems. Another shooting. Below is the un-chopped up version of my twitter posts. That whole 140 characters thing just doesn't work for me. heh

Seriously though. This is my veiw on it, if your offended by it.. I'm sorry but I don't care to hear your side either because again it all comes down to people killing people over the most retarded reasons.

Well now I know what I missed. based on the article I read, another example of human stupidity. Worse is again these people get press.
My twitter is being flooded with this BS from both sides. Anyone stop to think no matter the side story.. the main story still ends with 6 innocent people dead because some douchbag guy with nuff money to buy things he THINKS will get women, decided he was too godly to be ignored by some women.. in the same small area. 

Ive been a virgin for 30+ years and never been on a date or to a dance. I don't go plotting to kill people. I think about the times I would really enjoy that company, I enjoy and appreciate the friends I do have in which 1 is a female... well face it only BFF and she's female. I'd protect her with my own life without question and we both have already stated our terms on dating and such as no. We see each other more as siblings than anything. And Im okay with that cuz it means I still have a female friend who is awesome... sexy.. and I know I can trust. When the day come I DO get a girlfriend, then my main hope is her and my female friend can be BFF's too with us. 

Don't give attention to this a-hole, no matter the reason. Like celebs who kill, he should get
nothing and be an example to the future types like him that there's no fame or glory in this. Stop debating things we should have long since settled in the 60's and 70's and shut it!  

We aren't men and women.. we are "HUMAN BEINGS" on a planet that doesn't care of
our gender, sexuality, skin, or popularity... The earth and Mother nature doesn't avoid men's houses with tornadoes. Earthquakes don't just hit gays.... Nature will kill us all in time, naturally or prematurely, and it doesn't care who we are or what we are. Why do we the humans care so damn much about all this mess of look and sexuality? Maybe we should care more about sticking all together and helping in times of need... such as when Nature tries to take us all away! 

Thank You. And your welcome for the Twitter Spam.

Have a good memorial day...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Roundup Rip Off - Christina Cooks Blog Entry

Roundup Rip Off

Found this article on blog as I was linking the site to Jan.  I felt Jan would really be interested in the site cuz she shares the same views; just she doesn't get the Create channel by her.

Saw this article and read it feeling less impressed with our government's food policies and people... and thinking more how I need to find more places to get less crud food.  Things without RoundUp as the flavoring.

I recommend this article/blog post I linked above to everyone no matter your diet.  It really opens your eyes to just how easily we put trust into someone and will follow until we are given a truly near death reason to stop.  I hope I can rethink things in my life to stop before things get too close to doom for me.  Got a loooot of weight loss ahead of me yet. ^^;

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moms Day

Mother's Day has always been awkward for me.. or uneventful entirely. I wont go into details, just felt the need to tell someone that annnd my blog seemed like a spot to talk.


Sunday, May 04, 2014

spirit bridge spam

I just spent last few hours just spamming 4 or so photos onto the puppy-dreams DeviantART account.

If I haven't mentioned this before... My current plan is for this to be the home of Spirit Bridge.   The print and product availability is there, it lacks the more merchandise side of things and more simply prints and general photo art for your home ( prints, Mouse pads, Coasters, Etc.) and less on rotating stock of things that might be top selling at the moment ( Ipad cases, cups, bottles, clocks, etc.) and less on customization items.

Im still slowly working on the website.. when it is ready to launch I will think more about how I want this all to really workout together.  My main thought is if I could just handle things directly as other artists of different types, my main inspirations being LizardBeth and Jolly Jack, by having on website ordering system and that I get items printed and shipped to you directly.  Currently this isn't very efficient or profitable as I don't have many printing options available in town or around my area, pricing is still very much a ghost space to me, and I haven't exactly garnered a huge following enough to justify my own system.  It would also mean there's a chance of much longer shipping windows requiring a longer wait on the buyers end as I get things printed, framed, wrapped, packed, and shipped... all added to the transit time already established.

SO!!!....  until then I feel DeviantART is the largest platform to post images on Spirit Bridge to both get  print sales possibly, but also just to get the images in a light others can view them.  A huge issue I have is again, my site is in the slow progress mode and nothing is truly linked to each other.   I wanna be able at the end have it where everything links well together; that is to say my domain, blog, Both DeviantART accounts, YouTube Account, and twitter are all linked in a way to create this small little web of info and updates that will gather viewers and visitors from one place or another and point them thru a small walk about my internet spaces and they will experience everything by the time they are finished.

It's all rather fuzzy and large in scale which needs to me put into tiny chunks to be finished or finalized or just revamped.  Seeing as this is my blog and after some previous remodeling to de-facebook wannabe it and make it more something I feel I can use for more personal entries and random ones... I can also say that in the last few days or even just last night into today... it's made clear to me that I have so much to work on beyond my sites and internet spaces.   Yet I also need to contribute to them as part of the repairing of damage to myself and that means thru writing, drawings, and in time if I can find resources; both time wise or financial; to look into more real life things....  possibilities of at least pushing myself to look more into learning things.  Be it for a degree or not.... to find ways to study in the future maybe for myself.

I have alot of research to go thru before I can fully go into the latter part of that; but I have someone, whom I hope I have not alienated in the past few years,  that has a small bit more knowledge on the schooling and degree side of things, at least to inform me of things like a program I've never known of.   But again I also feel it might be not the right time to jump  head first into too much.  I have to stop a lot of bleeding of my self and soul before I can go headlong into a new adventure.   Goals for now is to find myself working more on things I started. Such as my room and to draw more and de-stress is a good idea too.

Not going to bore everyone... just eyeah.. There is alot going on personally and online both good and bad...  it all requires alot of time and patience and work and is additional to any job duties I have at my workplace as well.  And in free time I have at times been working on the domain... I will work more on it by next weekend I hope as well. Still looking for a solution for HTML based Light Box image pop up effect.  Haven't come across it yet.. but if I dont i'll try some alternatives. :3