Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March Vocaloid Fix - Madoka Magica - "Magia" (FULL) | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee

Again a bit late, but this song came across like a flying brick when I first saw this video for it and more so today as I sit home sick and read the lyrics realizing just how deep they are.  in fact if those recall my character Kawaii and her life when I first created her. 

Someday I need to really put more of the details together and try to hammer out all the horrid clashing stuff that was made initially in her story when I first made her and didn't think thru everything. 

The best summary I can say is that Kawaii lost her Brother when they were in school; at the time they where alone and he meant everything to her.  His passing broke every part of her and took away all reason to care or live.  She attempted to end things to somehow be with him again, which all failed, and was haunted by dark nightmares.   At one point a woman visited her and brought her to see the life of beyond.  She was taken into a place that trained and created reapers, female ones, whom solely were responsible for those who passed.

Of course the story gets very dark and deep... at one point as she went between school and the academy, her brother did return to her thru a tiny stipulation of the process she herself now followed with a dark soul.  And after serving to a rank of  high ranking reaper; she left her position and now lives her life with her brother and other friends in the house that she's always lived.  Yet still suffering from the nightmares from her years of service as a reaper and the still intense hate and pain that her brother was taken from her.

This song's lyrics and sound really embody that core of Kawaii's life and being.  Enjoy.


Artist Notes

AmaLee's remastered English cover of "Magia" the Ending from Madoka Magica!
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Song: "Magia" (Ending Theme)
Anime: Madoka Magica

⊹Vocals & Lyrics: AmaLee (LeeandLie)
⊹Music: AltrAudio
⊹Mix: Shawn Christmas & Fruutella
⊹Art: Yulitanbo
⊹Video: kumo

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