Friday, February 16, 2018

February Vocaloid Fix - 【Hatsune Miku】ループメモリー / Loop Memory【Original】

Sorry for the late Vocaloid Fix post. :3


Artist Notes

どーも、雄之助です。 この一年間でいろんなことがありました。 感謝の気持ちを込めて、今日で1周年の 『ループメモリー』の完全版です! (Hello, I'm Yunosuke.Too many happy things happened in this year. I made Loop Memory-Complete ver.- which is celeblated 1 Year Anniversary today with thanks to you guys :D!! )

Music:雄之助/Yunosuke ( @bass_ynk
Lyrics:作者( @conpallo
Illustration:よつば/Yotsuba( @yotsuba0052
Vocal Tuning:攻/Osamu( @nini2121ss
Movie:Jrharbort( @jrharbort

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Southstar Glen School District closes Schools :: {{fictional article}}

SOTHSTAR GLEN :: In light of the shooting reports in Florida; the School District has sent out a statement reguarding closings for this week.

" It is with heavy hearts that the news today comes on a holiday such as Valentines Day. These events while far from us still hit home with self reflection and assessment. 
The safety and welfare of our students, teachers, and staff comes fore-front over all else including the regimen of knowledge.  Gone are the days of the school being the safe haven and foundation of community. Gone the days of locks, bells, and resource officers.
We will be closing all Southstar Glen district schools for immediate assessment of each facilities safety and installing entry detectors within as possible means district wide.  Resource officers provided by the city police department will be asked to add additional walks to their days and if we find need, more officers brought in.
If any parents or students wish to find help from their school's community affairs counselor in terms of safety conerns or a listening ear; please do not hesitate to contact the school's main offices.  Parents are also urged to get the School District's app called SSG School Direct. "

The district supervisor also stated that classes will be closed Thursday & Friday with students returning Monday the 19th.

Principle Mann for the Southstar Glen High School said that they have been slowly adding passive detectors to the high school's 7 main entryways since November of last year and stated he was already advised of more units arriving Friday afternoon to install to all other entry points as well as some internal doorways. 

Mr. Mann also told us that the High School will be replacing all windows with impact resistant plex also known as "bullet proof glass ".  All lockers will also be fully searched by staff and resource officers to make sure of no imminent problems.

" Acting like we are immune is dangerous here. We have students who have been of issue in the past which our resource team has handled amazingly, yet we know not everything is proactive." Mann commented adding "Gang involved students report daily to classes with no issues, but it is inevitable they will cross rival members in halls or outside. We want to keep anything from escalating while working to remove those individuals from that group."

Parents should have received a text from the school or an alert on the school district's app.  Those wishing more information should call their child's school directly.