Saturday, November 18, 2017

Old Country Charm!

I am really, truly, honestly excited about this photo.  It is available on my SpiritBridge Society6 Store as "Old Country Christmas Welcome". 

Part of my Christmas decorations, this old door I had was given a Dollar Store Wreath ( Dollar General) which I put some LED lights on & then some lights behind it, wound around two nails, that twinkle.  The effect of the decor, that is now in the front of the house in a spot normally dark, just amazes me considering how simple it was.   It came from seeing a few Pinterest posts of just door decor. That was what inspired the idea of the door with a wreath; the back-lighting i came up with on my own. 

Huge payoff in my opinion and the photo I took as you can see above is just amazing as well!!  Again click linkies above there to order prints and stationary cards of this image.  I personally got 3 cards for Christmas card sending myself. 

Considering how nice the quality of the 3 test cards I got earlier in the year of my "Chilled Fuel Stop" cards; I can't wait for the ones I just ordered.  

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Belt Clips n Koozies

Just a quick little note for y'all!! 

If your in the market for a Otterbox iPhone 5S Belt Clip for a Defender Case or wanna Can Koozie ( think Snuggy for your canned beverages);  I am selling just that on my eBay at the moment!

Belt Clip ::

Football Koozie - Qty 1 ::

Racing Koozie - Qty 2 ::

Appreciate if anyone wants to check em out and maybe buy something to help support me.  Trying to clean clutter; which is like a untelevised version of hoarders to a degree, and hoping to make a lil extra green paper with dead folks on it in the process. ^-^v  Yay Capitalism!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Christmas Radar Boost for SpiritBridge

Hey guys!

Did you know about my photography project, SpiritBridge?  If not - please take a moment after reading to check it out!  It is a project based on my Society6 store for photography I take and has slowly branched to a few social media sites as well.  I have the noted just below:

Facebook ::
Society6 Store ::
Tumblr ::
YouTube ::

If you did however know of it, maybe checked it out once then realized a rather long silence; I understand and apologize. Granted these pauses are the form of my wishing to bring the best photos and as they say " You are your worst critic". 

I have added 2 new photos, which are fairly casual in form and initial creation, to bring in the winter and Christmas season.  Both are best for purchase as stationary cards for those Christmas cards you will be soon sending.  More info on the designs and links are on this recent post on the tumblr account I had made for the project.

So please take a moment to check the post out and the store.  Use the above mentioned links weather your new or returning visitor to the store; your browsing and added purchase supports me much more than simply funding extra money ( maybe Christmas Money). Purchases and sharing the links help me feel this project is successful and that maybe I even have a talent to photography as well. :D

Thursday, November 02, 2017

SSGPT Campus to host Bash :: {{fictional article}}

The following is a fictional news article based on a fictional city, venue, and event created by Dave Minton in ties with his artwork and stories.  At no time are any likenesses, names, entities, or other ties to real life ( band names, celebrities, location, etc.) used with permission or actually subject to any promotion, contract, or other agreement with the author of this post.  All the below is work of fiction to enable a overall character environment for stories and artwork.  

SOUTHSTAR GLEN ::  City chamber officials have this evening put into public hearing the budget and proposed base layout for a 2017/2018 New Year's Eve Bash event at the SouthStar Glen Peace Terrace Campus.  Campus owner and staff attended the meeting, which ended around 10:00pm Thursday night, with a general outline of events to be held for the year-end.

One of the main features suggested is the live show of band "Papa Roach" who have in the past been up for band of the year in the past and have preformed at Valley Pines Center.  The band coming off a newly released CD features a Metal and Rock sound which found great success from 1997 into 2010 and today with their newest album.

Source:: Eleven7 Music  -

In addition to this band, there is also talk of bringing a international feature of Japan and South Korean bands.  Earlier in the year the campus hosted both a Crypton Medias show and a Anime Expo which both netted large public turnout and overall ticket and vendor revenue.  City officials are hoping to capitalize on this trend for the year end.

"K-Pop sensation "PSY"  brought large crowds as did the Miku Expo" stated board member Larzen.  " We feel that ending the year with a bang would be the best choice and mixing many acts would be our best bang for the buck".  

Campus owning holder, Greer Holdings, Inc., sent a statement in reply to an email stating the hope is to line up the week with events. 

" We nope to be able to give everyone a great experience from Christmas into New Years day. 
It is an obvious fact that family is the first focus of the holidays, but we hope to offer family destination options ranging from ice skating rink space, holiday lights walk, Christmas garden walk, and holiday dinner for those in need.  Which then can transition to the Sunday events leading to the new year." the email included.

The Christmas events have all been approved and are in planning for the exception of the Holiday Dinner which is currently looking to secure both local chefs and wishes to offer a public food drive to donate canned items for the dinner or monetary support.  Ice Rink space will be created within the Lakefront City Beach area as weather allows and will also include an indoor space within the Annex sports hall.  

Further information of events and band booking will be known by the start of December which will most likely include Papa Roach and Japan based " Band-Maid".  Event holders are also still in talks with VPTA officials on streetcar shuttle services.  As of August of 2017, the Valley Pines Transit Authority has been in failing talks with the FRA on gaining freight cartage rights - a issue that was caused by prior agreements by the lines to serve solely passenger rail within the intercity as a private entity.  Currently all freight movements are handled jointly through Union Pacific Railroad & Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. 

Acquisition of rights could hinder intercity access while the VPTA brings in additional heavy electric rail units for the task and new business may tie up routes.  VPTA is already advising regular patrons of the service to expect delays if the request is approved. 

SouthStar Daily Times / The Valley-Star Journal        11/2/2017 

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

November Vocaloid Fix - "Never Ender" by KZ livetune 【Alpaca Bootleg Remix】

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Jumping right into just a month away now from winter, snow storms, and Christmas sales!  We are back to Alpaca mixes with this Miku ch00n!  Enjoy!

【初音ミク - Hatsune Miku】 never ender (kz livetune) 【Alpaca Bootleg Remix】
Jrharbort Productions

Kz's "never ender" is a refreshing surprise to see. Alpaca's bootleg remix gives the song a new (up)lift and flow.

For those not in-the-know, a bootleg remix is another way of saying "remixed without contact/permission", but in a way that isn't bad. It also tends to use vocals ripped from the tracks, rather than from a proper vocal track (you can still hear some of the original instrumental mixed in this one!). Just make sure the producers are okay with fan remixes of their works before you go make a bootleg remix!

Enjoyed the remix? It's available from Alpaca's soundcloud, linked below. Also follow his channels to make sure you get early notifications of his newest works!

Thank you to Alpaca for allowing me to feature this song! English captions by Chouchoo.

Nicovideo Original: