Saturday, September 09, 2017

Society6 Review

Heylo guys!!

So on a side note per say of the SpiritBridge Photo Store.  I bought some items from my own store to see the real quality of the items I got.  Paid with my own oney and not in any association with Society6, a true test of the quality of the products being created - you can read the review on a note posted to facebook.

September Vocaloid Fix - Vocaloid (YusukeKira) - "Burn Me Down" Rock Ver

A really talented Vocaloid cover artist with both covers and original music; Lollia.  Highly recommend checking out her channel from the link below for other songs.  She even covered the Kim Possible Theme Song and it's pretty cool tbh!

Vocaloid (YusukeKira) - "Burn Me Down" Rock Ver - Lollia

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Video by ➢ Khoa (
Art by ➢ Ryein (
Arrange and Mix/Master by ➢ Sleeping Forest (

Original by: YusukeKira (

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