Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Society6

Just spiffied up the Society6 Store for Christmas!  Added a photo from today as well of a Winter mini-drive to the store as well as a print.

Buying prints and other fun little items are great Christmas gifts as well!! Especially for art lovers out there!  I'd appreciate ya guys going to check that out and while your there you can check other people out as well.

Check out some of these neat art and canvas prints I found on Society6 from other artists!

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Southstar Glen New Article {fictional} : New Years Event Made

SOUTHSTAR GLEN;  In a recent update to the SSPT Blog, a date has been confirmed for the annual New Years Eve event.  The tradition for the city spanning many years continues at it's home of the former Glen Gardens, currently Southstar Peace Terrace, event grounds.  

More info on the event is found within their blog post :

This years event takes a very different format than residents are used to seeing as there appears to be a tone of community music and firework show - doing away with the Band of the Year contest entirely.  Requests for comment on if the format is to become the norm was returned by the facility planners stating the 2016 year was a test run for the campus.

In January, following the New Years Event,  the campus will again close the main stage area as well as botanical gardens for review with both the current owner and committee members to discuss the overall status of this years run.  Many committee members entered this new run of ownership very critical that the owner and her ideas would work and some say that they wish to see great changes made yet to the campus as a whole.

When asked if the campus would face closure, the owner responded via email; "No matter the overall report on our first year, closing a valued community center would not be cost effective to both the city or those who live within the city.  This campus will be evaluated from all points and any points we find that give negative feelings will be worked on to improve."

This years event brings a close to the year utilizing the same methods as it's start bringing large names into the picture for our otherwise average city.  Artists from a all girl metal group from japan, holographic vocalists, and world famous polka parody fame graced our city.  While unique, they all seemed to bring out large amounts of patrons and many from out of town.   The event this New Years is said to be bringing back all of these names and more from the past years into a musical and light based experience - enhanced by the largest name in Japanese cute culture.  A company, much like the YouTube of Japan, known as NicoNico will have snippets within the show and promise a mix of the vocaloid and japan experience and a theatrical stage show.

Those wishing to get tickets for the event can starting Monday December 5th at the SSPT ticket office; City Hall; and most stores in the downtown loop area.  Limited tickets will also be available starting  December 19th at Valley Pines Transit locations including the soon to open Transit District Station and downtown loop east station.  Cost of tickets is $50 which includes a armband for unlimited use of rides during the event.

December Vocaloid Fix :: NicoNicoCho Party 2015 !!

This Month we end the year of 2016 with a flashback to last year and the 39 minute, 30 second video of the 2015 NicoNicoCho Party!!

In my opinion a brilliant view of vocaloid and the brain worm of songs and just the sheer idea of just how long it took to create this entire show from start to finish. Including vocaloid model design, motion mapping, story design, graphics, and the pure madness of file sizes and processing power to create this entire show with minimal hyper rendering (my term for when you see a vocaloid who's hair suddenly tweeks out into their tummy or anytime anything twitches in a odd way)!

The opening is awesome and I really like IA's set with the smart phone graphics as well.   The 2016 version is out there on YouTube as well!

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Channel Source: niconico