Wednesday, November 30, 2016

AMV Saturday - "All I want for Christmas" aka Anime Snowfight!

A little pre-December posting for the AMV Saturday.  Looking for vocaloid fix for December yet too, but this was cute find while I looked at options.

Direct Link:
Source Channel : Jasmins Music World

Sunday, November 13, 2016

society winter

Hey guys! 

I wanted to share with you as a signal boost about my society6 print store.  I just added a image into the selection of prints that is the same as seen in the above little advert image.  A image I took in 2013 during the wintertime of the old Standard Oil Station outside of town.  Used a little photoshop CS6 tweeking to white balance it thanks to a google search. 

But please if you are into photo prints; check out the store.  It is still in it's beginning stages as I still have to really find the style I wish to use on it and really figure out how society6 store editing works.  
Leave me feedback as well on the store here if you visit and let me know what kind of photos you like to buy prints of; keeping in mind my main options are nature and landscape and railroading.  

I want to find a more fun theme for the blog here as well, but some test blog themes ive tried are a bit complicated and at times buggy.  

So while I try to figure all this out... go on over to the spiritbridge society6.  Simply click the image above to go check it out.  

Thanks in Advance guys!!

Friday, November 04, 2016

November Vocaloid Fix :: Hatsune Miku - "Miku" by Anamanaguchi

This month we have yet another video from Toronto!! Ohh Canadaaa... You have Awesome Miku Showwws!!

AHEM... Sorry....

Found this as I poked Youtube for videos and the beat and dance in this are epic in my opinion.  Don't quote me on it, but the video description says it's a encore song for the Miku Expo 2016 shows and I feel those may have been contest winning songs (Like 10,000 Stars by CircusP).

Video Source:

YouTube Channel: xtokashx

Thursday, November 03, 2016

EXTRA LIFE Celix Signal Boost Edition!!

Spreading the 1UP to y'all!!  Check out below to learn bout how YOU can help fuel a speeding cure train of Children's Hospitals while watching people slowly turn into rage-quit zombies!!

Great artist know by me initally as artist to the comic " Broken Plot Device" and pretty awesome art in general - Liz aka Lizardbeth - will be gaming the extra life marthon again and while she claims to have warning of "some potty mouth"; just know the ways she trys to censor the swearing at first is also epic... and then she runs outta ideas or gives up and it's F bombs away.  XD

Seriously tho! Watch the video and consider donating if you want and she gives details in video where to watch her slowly degrade into raging at minecraft pigs and sipping dangerous amounts of coffee.

Fun Fact!! theres even a chance to win art from her!! again; all in the vid!  jaNe!!