Saturday, July 23, 2016

AMV Saturday - Mystery Skulls - Ghost (Animated)

Amazing little animation that the one and only JJ linked me to that was made by MysteryBen27. Go check out the channel for more amazing videos like this and Mystery Skulls Music he's animated videos for!  Go give the JJ some Puppy Power too at her Tumblr, Polka Prism Power!

Dollar CD Sale!!

$1 Amazon CD Sale going on now til July 31st!

Check out my Amazon store ( click circa 2004 Kawaii to the right to go there now!) where you will find many CD's on sale for $1.  Less than a soda in most vending machines can get you a plastic circle with music on it and some awesome art literature within a plastic shell!  :3

Mostly Metal CD's at the moment.  Quite a few are Ozzfest Ones!  Also have some book listed as well from earlier in the last month or so.

Every share, sale, or even peek helps me out in the long run and your never obligated to buy; but would really appreciate the help as I downsize music collections aka tiny clutter in the room. :D

Saturday, July 16, 2016

So much nothing to do!!

So today has been; interesting. Had planned for myself a birthday adventure and instead got stuck at work, then took car in for a odd tire pressure thing that I didnt wanna risk. Turns out tis a strange anomaly that we'll be monitoring. 

Then my actual planned adventure I got like 1/10th the way to and just wasn't feeling it anymore. So I just drove around aimlessly to see things ( which I enjoy too ).  

Course now I'm uber tired so it's now nap time - though I should draw something. 😴

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Blog Birthday

So as I been posting tonight I see the archive for blog and realized... I started this blog with it's first entry on July 5th, 2013!

So in 3 days it will be the blog's 3 year birthday!!  So cuz I may forget.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELIX BOOK!!

More amazing I  was able to keep it running and still going after this time. hehe

Also posted the July Vocaloid Fix and a AMV Saturday tonight.

AMV Saturday - Archie - "Chasing The Sunrise"

Not quite a AMV, but a very awesome synth 80's kinda sound to it!  It reminds me a lot of the songs from GUNSHIP ( a british group who has a major 80's style sound).

July Vocaloid Fix - Touhou - "Bad Apple" [English vocal by Cristina Vee]

This is a English "Cover" basic of the song with original song's video.  You can hear the original Japanese version at   The graphics are amazing for a silhouette style design.  Also love how there is a female grim reaper here; the entire culture concept I've seen in Japan's anime of girls being death makes me somehow happy.  Probably cuz I have my own female reaper world in my mind which takes a good bit of inspiration of added development from Soul Eater Anime.