Saturday, April 30, 2016

BAND-MAID / Thrill(スリル) - AMV Saturday

Cell phone update til later.  Not animated but a great video to "In Yo Face!!" anyone who still thinks girls cant be awesome ir that all girl bands suck.  

Band Maid proving em wrong with epic riffs and ch00ns!!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Southstar Glen IMMEDIATE EAS release :: fictional article

IMMEDIATE RELEASE TO ALL MEDIA :: At 2:30am WED 4/27/2016....

All siren activation codes and requests cleared for Southstar County.... REPEAT.... ALL SIREN ACTIVATION CODES AND REQUESTS CLEARED... for Southstar County.  

Municipalities with county activation request asked to verify deactivation of siren systems.  

Tornado Warned storm has moved out of area... Tulsa issed TORNADO WARNING has expired....

SSGWC/Tulsa incident report....
... Tornado funnel report ... South Grand
... Tornado funnel report ... Southstar Glen
.... Max gust 67mph ... Valley Pines ( Downtown)
... Straight-Line Wind report ... Valley Pines
... Tornado touchdown report ... Valley Pines (EAST). --  radar calculation F2

Valley Pines Data Station sent offline at 01:55 CST.  Sherriffs office alerted... Deputy dispatched to offline station. 

...  END........  Activation Alert System - SSGWC/Tulsa. 4/27/16 02:40 CST


IMMEDIATE RELEASE TO ALL MEDIA ::  At 1:27am WED 4/27/2016.....

Southstar County all siren activation reqested. Rotation within approaching storm cell showing via radar at SSGWC/Tulsa

All cities within Southstar County local activation requested for potential tornado indicated via radar 15 miles NNE South Valley, AR. Moving NNE AT 40mph.  

Cities in path include...

South Grand.....  Prairie Creek Campgrounds....  Southstar Glen....  Valley Pines....  War Eagle....

Activation Code..... 5543TRN42716
Mode....  Panic

All residents within this area urged to take cover immediately for possible tornado on ground. 

Activation alert system....  SSGWC/Tulsa

Sunday, April 24, 2016

6 so far!

Posted 6 CD's so far to start filling up the Amazon Store.  Go check them out with the below link or click the above banner!

Trying to keep everything affordable and cleaning each CD as I test them.  Slower process, but in the end means CD's that will play great regardless of the wear their cases may have.   ^^ v

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Custom Advert for the WIN - I hope

To the err above (?) you will see I've tweeked the blog's ad services again with one of my custom ads.

In the next few days or so I plan to try and start aggressively going thru my CD's and what books I do have (not ever been a big reader) and posting them for sale in my Amazon Store.

I am not planning on trying to "cash in" on these with big prices and I know I will have to clean some of the CD's for sure with the CD repair/cleaning thingy I bought; which is manual operation cuz no one seems to sell the battery operated ones anymore; and thus will affect pricing anyways.  Some of these - most of these - CD's I haven't listen to for years and so dust bunnies have been doing them as party spots and hence cleaning.

My hope is thru low prices and just a large amount of CD's and Books to go thru; I can at least make enough to help make a tiny dent in bills or to at least put into my almost non-existent savings/emergency fund.   Right now that fund has barely enough for a emergency 50 cent WalMart soda. XD

So please; if you have some time or you know someone who's a music lover -- send them towards my Amazon Store sometime this weekend... Saturday at earliest.  Seeming as I know I might not get a chance to seriously sort thru things until Friday night after the work week is done.  It will be super appreciated!!

Check by yourself as well if your looking for some CD's.  Most will be Metal, some Pop, a bit of 80's, and some random ones.   I do know that of the CD's I have.. for sure I am not selling the Newer ones I got from bands like The Birthday Massacre, VNV Nation, and also keeping all my B52 CDs for personal reasons of nostalgia.  I dont know how many Weird Al CD's I have.. so if your a fan of Weird Al... I might not have those for sale if I find I wanna keep those too.

Still give it a peek and see.. worst thing that happens is you lose a few minutes of your day... and deserve to go outside and soak in the pool.  Unless of course your in a snowstorm; then Smores!! Many Many Smores!

Thank You!!  Ja Ne!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Southstar Glen News Article {fictional} - City Notice of Siren Test

SOUTHSTAR GLEN - County sherriffs office is releasing a public notice to all citizens of Southstar County for date of April 14, 2016.  

" April 14th will be county mandated siren test day.  Residents within the county should be aware of all WiFi/Over-Air and wired siren systems activating during the hours of 11AM - 3 PM.  

Deputies will be "sweep" testing sirens on the WiFi/Over-Air system during late morning hours for both CD alert and Tornado/Attack operation. Residents are urged to be aware of weather conditions at this time of day. 

Sherriff's office located in Valley Pines will activate full system (panic) activation thru Tornado/Attack modes between 12PM - 3PM pending results of Over-Air system. Residents are asked to be aware of weather conditions at this time. The office also asks residents to allow way for any official and maintenece units during these tests and not park or block siren access. 

The city and this publication ask those in our county to take time to plan and practice home/work/school tornado alert plans during this time.  Tornado season is already in full swing as evident from last nights storms. 

Saturday, April 09, 2016

livetune adding 中島 愛「Transfer」Music Video - AMV Saturday

Advanced Flashy Lights Warning!! : Be aware guys; this video gets some pretty intense flashing and sudden color changing going on as it progresses.  If your effected or sensitive by this kind of media.. please watch at your own risk.

The April Vocaloid Fix touched on this, but I found this video in the YouTube suggested right after and was blown away ( and a tiny bit twitchy) after seeing this video.

From Toy Factory;  They basically made this video that I feel is less a focus of the song as it is the video technique.  A animation that overall is a loop with the same actions and the same pantsu shots ( it IS anime after all...) is ran over and over with different outcomes.

It shows really the amazing-ness of taking a similar loop and how it can have a different feel or mood or look in different backing reels.  It's quiet mind blowing in my opinion.  Near end it gets a little crazy and twitchy; but again the final seconds of this video will just-- Pkushh!! -- Mind BLOWN.  ;3

See for yourself (unless again your effected by the Pokemon syndrome... then ummm... maybe try using that YouTube Video speed thing to slow it down. ^-^ v )

April Vocaloid Fix - ReDiaL

April Vocaloid Fix is a great showcase of moving multiple styles into one video.  I am not 100% sure if Toy Factory is from Japan or USA or other country... but the style is amazing; switching between a hand drawn looking style to CGI effortlessly.  

Also gives you a more childish kawaii style of Miku which you don't always see as a popular genre of vocaloid videos.  We normally see her in the techno sailor style attire and this outfit I feel speaks more to younger audience overall; but also has mature tones as well.

The actualy lyrics I dont know, but the song is still so catchy!! Enjoy!

Saturday, April 02, 2016

ENGLISH "Courage" Sword Art Online (AmaLee) - AMV Saturday

Prodding my Youtube subs and this song video was part of them.  The lyrics ( while i have not seen Sword Art Online...) are perfect for our everyday world.

Watch and enjoy the truth and then go out there and start the spring and summer season with someone we haven't fully seen a hoard of people do since the late 60's...  Spread love and joy and peace thru the world!!  ^.^v