Saturday, February 13, 2016

FOR SALE - iPhone 5c 16GB Blue (CDMA) Sprint ME567LL/A - $350.00


I'm selling the iPhone 5c I bought from a co-worker last year since I don't really use it anymore and it's a Sprint Locked phone and I don't plan on going to sprint.   Please go check it out at the below link and see; maybe you are in the market for a iphone and don't mind it being a 5C model.

It's 16G and Blue in color - comes in a otterbox I got for it as well and with AC adapter and Lightning Cable.  I appreciate any veiws on this listing I get and please share and spread the oreos of information around to others as well that might be in the market for apple phones.

Thank You!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

♥ February VOCALOID FIX 2016

Coming at you with 2 Vocaloid Fixes!  First the fun dancy sexy one...  LUVORATORRRRRRY!

and... the Yandere Fix for those forever alone's who have that special senpai that just won't notice you... yet. :3    Revenge Syndrome!