Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Southstar Glen News Article {fictional} - No New Years Bash Confirmed

SOUTHSTAR GLEN:  Today in a press release from the city council and chamber of commerce; The fear on many citizen's minds has become a reality.

City officials confirmed that thru talks with the new owner of the former Glen Garden's property; The annual New Years Eve Bash will not be held this year and no current p;ans have been made to continue it's run as a venue staple.  While the venue has been said to be in the final detail and testing stages of it's renovation after purchase, the owner sent the city and other city board members a email detailing no plans for a formal event at the ground this New Years Eve.

Within the email; the new owner of the venue stated that during the rest of this year, and into 2016, the venue (which has not yet been named) will be running little main action shows as they fine tune the newest equipment installed; run training and hire a crew of lighting, audio, and event leaders; and have fully ensured all safety and zone plans are "top notch".

While he end of the city's New Year tradition is here; the email also included a notice of local open admission on New Years Eve for what was called " A public full test of all systems".  When asked what this would be; the new owner stated that "the venue would allow free admission on New years Eve and into New Years day for the testing of the systems that is scheduled".  "We will be testing the systems via full use of audio music, lighting programming, & pyro sync test which the public may be very interested in seeing" added Miss Jag.

The city said that the proposition was for any citizens within the county would be able to have free admission  and allowed to bring guests for a optional fee of donations to the local FoodLifeLove charity of Southstar County.  The fee is voluntary but also give you the added perk of getting a ticket raffle for a $500 gift card to any SouthStar Glen chamber businesses.   Vendors would be brought in for food and any retail sales during the event and will be operating independent of the venue.  This will mean that food vendors at the venue will be 100% in control of costs of their products and also supplies and operation; a package of costs that once would be covered in part by the committee board.

All citizen's wishing to be apart of this new and modern open house are urged to remember that while the venue is free; all vendors at the venue will be charging their prices for a service or item.  It is also urged those attending are aware of the venue's current security points found at the entrance which will require all attendees to walk thru metal detectors and may be subject to search of person or belongings by the Southstar Glen Police Dept. prior to entry.  Glass containers are also prohibited on the grounds and anyone found purposefully destroying venue grounds and property are subject to city ordnance 635.2s "Destruction of City Property" which is punishable to no less than $1000 fine.  Metal Detectors have been added by the cost of the new owner as a "redundancy of peace of mind".  Miss Jag citing that "no matter the overall hassle of the stations; it brings a true check of all entering to make sure of the full safety of our neighbors and guests".  A step that many officials have praised when they once scoffed the idea 3 years ago when the option came to the city.

Tell your friends and we hope to see all at this new event to see just what my be possible for our city.

December Vocaloid Fix - LADYBABY Mix!

This one is not vocaloid, but amazingly awesome to watch.  Weird but also awesome!!  Enjoy!

LadyBaby; Nippon Manju!