Sunday, September 27, 2015

▒~blood moon ~▒

Hope everyone enjoying the moon tonight.  I found it was more red on images I took with my DSLR than in person; you can see that image in my twitter feed to the right on my main blog page.

This moon is a special one for many people for many reasons.  In the meanings of someone like Kawaii who believes in the pure form of the moon and it's goddess bringing beauty upon those who bask in it... this moon is very powerful even tho in reality it is being obscured in shadows.

Kawaii would be out with other reapers or those she knows that also follow her thinking, but is dealing with her own personal problems and feelings.  This makes her not want to spend much time with others and while other reapers my be around the world enjoying fire-lit ceremonies and night time feasts;  she has taken to the forest to the pool pond where the moon's face can be easily seen and one can take a dip in a heated steam spa hot spring that naturally fills the pond with crystal clear steaming water which you can see a natural glow of the bottom of the pond, a kind of earth that finds a reflective glow in it while it naturally cleans itself.

The pond has waterfalls further up stream and it flows to the pond where it seems to simply disappear, never flooding or draining.  Here Kawaii right now is sitting in just her bare fur letting the heated water hug her tight as she sighs looking at the eclipsed harvest moon.  Letting the her mind melt and believing the moon goddesses highest power that has brought this darkened red moon will help her find a end to her pain and sadness.

The Harvest moon itself it a treasured time to bath in the rays of the goddess's light.  Kawaii calls it "moon-bathing"; to lay in her bed undressed and only shrouded by the moonlight.  The light bringing beauty and power.. recharging her soul and lightly seducing her inner pure beauty out of her inner soul and out onto her body.   She swears by the bathing to make her fur softer and more healthy and that he entire soul feels less dark knowing that the moonlight is on her.  Modesty is simply not a trait a reaper can have, but yet even a non-reaper in Kawaii's eyes should never feel shame or wrong in bathing in the light.

Tonight her hot spring soak is more charged and accompanied by lantern light and her hopes for peace within... at least for the night and as token to the moon goddess's gifts she will give her body again to the moon as she does each night it is full and bath in the light.

We don't have to be as extreme as Kawaii, but should watch this eclipse tonight as a gift of nature and the moon showing us that ever in darkness and shadows, beauty can be found.

~ja ne!

ART WIP || Kawaii in the forest

{Author Note: Upon fixing some errors thanks to phone typing; I realize as i look at the image, the back leg line on the left near dates, should be a little more of a angle to match better with the back leg area.  Like it should maybe be more parallel to the front leg lines a tad bit... shall re-ink that line and try to edit the wrong line out later.}

Just kinda finished line work and dress design on this Kawaii image.  I google image searched " girl in dress in forest" and saw a lot with white dresses and also a pic of a teal dress top and white skirt.

In the end I went with just a very random attempt at a dress design that is white or almost tea-white with a color design on the skirt. Not completely sure which color yet but thinking of either a teal or blue-ish color or maybe just tan or black/grey.  Kawaii isn't into being too flashy and likes nature colors a lot. 

Feeling a tad better than I did last night... Granted I've been trying to keep busy with room cleaning. Put all my plushies from the past and clothes from the past into little vacuum space bags that I can hide under bed hopefully and need to gather some boxes for donatables that I wont use. 

Still miss Cutesy; just saying. 

- Ja Ne

Friday, September 18, 2015

Southstar Glen Headlines {fictional} : Waterspout on Lake

Multiple reports confirmed by NOAA weather station of a large Waterspout that touched down in the middle of Glen Lake. 

Spotters chasing storms within Southstar  County called in reports of the event after 6pm Thursday night as a severe thunderstorm produced the funnel that was seen by many residents of the city and other towns around the lake. 

No damage was reported while SouthStar County Sheriff's Office said that some deputies did note tree damage and yard based debris around the transit district where the funnel made breif landfall before disappearing.  The sheriff office said 5 waterfront sirens were activeed in the area by deputies while the funnel was on water and that no warning was issued due to the nature of the tornado and it's location. 

The Southstar area is forcast to see rain and storms for the rest of the week and into the weekend with severe storms possible late Friday and into Saturday morning. 

- Southstar Gazette   Aug. 18, 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Yesterday I mostly got done at work, laid in bed and then fell asleep.  I think I was too drained as it was.  Of course yesterday was a vital day in many forms.  From it being the day US Citizen's remember those lost in a attack in NYC; to it being the Mainstream media's day to have all their archived footage ready to bombard our nation with imagery of the event to help slash our entire nation onto the ground in a act of mass depression and punishment.

Our media should never replay and relive thru video or imagery acts of violence or those who create it.  We must never let our media and others around us force us to relive a time of such clear hatred of a set type of being.  We must remember and memorialize those lost and the events of the day while still not swelling on the events that happened and those responsible.  Nor should we allow media and others to control our minds and ideals thru their media and texts.  SO many times when I come home from work and the news is on... they are pushing people involved in a tragedy to express something or trying to push a agenda out.

Prime examples of this is a news station I saw the day a police officer was killed from behind in the south... the media person tried hard to draw it out as a hashtag black lives matter statement... as a terrorist attack by a certain group that is a high item in media right now.. a subject that our media helps push into our minds and faces to keep brewing the perfect cup of hate to dunk blood soul cookies into.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe our media should be more than a outlet showing us outside of our small personal zones.  Crime and stories of hate should be brief and to factual point of what happened, where, and what is being done.  Nothing beyond knowing what happened and when and if the person is caught... needs to be otherwise known.  Especially not their motives or race or religion.  Our media should always ratio this crime with double the good stories and general neutral stories.  Those of a person achieving a goal, of someone doing something good in our world to change it for the better.  Events to help gather people who wish to help or change our world or just meet and socialize.

That is my feelings of that.  I refuse to post imagery here even a day later of the towers or their demise.  I instead give you all this... a image of a facebook post I did in 2012 of the day and the embedded video I linked to.  Move forward and memorialize those who have passed in the acts of blind; irresponsible beings unable to open their eyes and see in front of them the truth of being the same as all who roam this great land known as earth.  To see they are as equal to those whom they hated so much to kill; as a blade of grass is to another in a field.

September 11th is a day long before created... the current meaning is only a fleeting memory that our country has posted to it... and will continue to post as a day of depression and sadness for all who wonder it until the day our media can no longer profit on the death of beings and we can all move ahead of this time to a peaceful equal minded moment of resonance of each and every one of our souls.  The only thing that makes use different from each other...  is the only way we can become truly one....  OUR SOULS.

Thankies! :3

Friday, September 04, 2015

September Vocaloid Fix

I didn't forget this time!  Had to find a good un and found a pretty niftah one of probably one of my Fav Vocaloid's... IA.

If you ever watched or even heard of the anime "Panty & Stocking with Garderbelt" then you may know the artist Teddy Loid.  Was amazed to find this which is also by Teddy Loid and IA singing as a billed feature.  Enjoy!

Shooting Star!