Saturday, August 29, 2015

ebay space

just a quick hello that I got some basic tech things up for sale on my ebay space. ^.^!! v

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Have you been watching my Twitter last week or so?

So I was a bit quieter than normal on most of the internet between August 9th til about a few days ago.  The reason was not as much from being without as much as just not having time or ability to be online.  For once this is from good reasons!!

I flew to Tampa, FL!!

As part of my second vacation week for the year, I took a huge leap from planning and thinking about going to visit Jan aka JJ and actually went!  Can you tell my excitement?

This is a blog bout the experience since this was a fully new experience for me from start to finish.  If you wanna read the entire thing as it's quite lengthy and photo heavy... click see more!  Advanced warning of word crimes and badly typed text.  I am not a English major; just a Oreo major.

Vocaloid Fix for all the missed months

I have been horrible at keeping up this blog...  Green Juice anyone?