Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Has a old favorite died out?

There is a mile long tweet fest i made earlier tonight in note of the new "the vengeful one" disturbed video.  I shall do right to copy oaste it as a post tomorrow after work. But have a browse on my twitter. 

I stay quiet about alot of our/my country's mis-adventures and goings on. But more and more as of late I see so much hate and death and greed and evil that I mo lomger feel I can turn away from it without my own rage boiling beyond ignoring mode; and then i tweet or Facebook about it. 

We will at this rate have no value in this universe as our youth dies from hate and violence; as we foster into minds of youth the ongoing inherited greed, hate, and warped closed minded veiw of a world we personally watch collapse.

I cannot stand anymore and watch our chance to interact with a already changing world climate that sees other countries already advancing education and fighting poverty and creating a new system of life be thrown away over pertty archaic issues we had solved and as a group said "we will see African Americans as full free citizens of our nation" and those of that group work hard ti a time where we see a African  American president.  Yet this event only bleeds hate from the closet bigots who spent more time in a closet than most Alternative lifestyle ("gay") people ever did or would and to only grumble about people whose only defining trait is a skin color. 

So excuse any posts that have a more serious and at times political aimed tone. Also know I dont follow politics cuz it makes me sick to deal with and I wont be the most educated accurate source. This is all my iwn thoughts based on what america should be like for everyone including this over weight 30-something virgin hick white boy from Wisconsin. 

If you are very politically active on either side, i commend your strength to fight for your veiw, but please also respect my poorly informed one.  If you are aomeonw who is channeling their inner high tech 2015 hippy; I suggest the music of VNV Nation. Very powerful meanings and no "the Guy" blasting peoples heads off. Granted i dont think VNV ever does music videos, just youtube has many of their live shows. 

Forgive this sudden hard hit post. Ens of month at work and I then saw this new disturbee video which angered me quite a bit. 

JaNe.  ^.^v