Sunday, March 08, 2015


A bit behind now on Vocaloid Monthly fixes and to be honest... I... have to find a good un.  Until then.. something that has been stuck in my head for both months now...

Its random and silly and fun using to pester JJ sometimes. hehe  

Got a new router that is currently being a butt... and thus I am on my guest wifi until I can find out why my dlink main net hates basically.. everything.  I double checked and its filtering only UNALLOWED Mac Addresses and allowing ( well should be) the ones I added.  The Mac Addresses I added are correct.

I even checked the dlink site and did the doodleys they suggest and still having no luck on that point.  I've run outta time/patience right now as the sun is setting and I was hoping for a little outside time today.

"But you have wifi and Minecraft and an XBox 360 and a cozy-ish bed... why on EARTH would you go out... THERE?!" iknowright?!!  XD

I also should get my lunch bag from the office at work today yet too. hehe

Kinda also intrigued by the prospect that I COULD possy use IP Cameras with this router I got... though no real use yet for that per say.  Be neat though!

Next weekend will be busy and saddly might not get online Friday night which I need to text JJ bout--  * goes to do that now*

..........  *DING!! BISCUITS!*

Sooo...  eyeah a few things I am getting a UHaul for to gather a couch, bed, and chair from my aunts to bring here or to other areas/places/relatives.  So means hopefully a lil better and smaller bed for me... but also very early wakeup time on Saturday and I never wake well evah.

So eyeah...  have a drawing still needing alot of everything done to it...   but now I wanna go prod outside in the sunset. hehe

Ja Ne!