Friday, January 30, 2015

Beautiful: Ceramics masters doing their work is AMAZING!

Artistic detail and love....

Came across this video on YouTube... it's insane the detail these masters of their craft have for these ceramic works.   You can see the focus in their eyes as they work.. and the background music ads to the mood of the work.  Had to give this one a "like" on YouTube after seeing what these people create from essentially dirt and clay.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The beginning of the end.. and a new beginning.

It is official.  Celix Productions is now Ad Free aka out of the flood of tripod advertisements!  Good show on my part i'd say considering the new redirect page I made for the tripod site is about 90% covered by ads.

Does that mean my site will never have ads?  No.  I still am pondering Project Wonderful; but I also wanna ponder how to do it non-invasive... unlike tripod.  Fun fact.. if you click a tripod ad's X and select that the ad covers the entire page... they just show a " thanks for your impact... undo" window... that is still the same size of the ad you thought you would get to close. lol

This domain is still a dusty construction site of course... I currently have hit a wall both with time and art block... so updates are on and off.  Will needs that art block to be moves away for Character Bio imagery.  If it was minecraft... my art block would require a diamond pick-axe.  Possibly with silk touch so you dont scatter the art block bits everywhere. XD

So tada!!   Browse about and bookmark and all.  You can bookmark the home page section of it and then go follow me all creepy pasta (Jan-ism) on instagram and twitter if you don't already.  Also has links to my deviantart prints account.

Leave comments here too if you want bout the site... at least til I work out a guestbook system. =o.o=