Monday, June 16, 2014


Have trouble getting to sleep or relaxing. Your mind just keeps ticking away when you trying to get rest?  Ive found it helps to listen to certain YouTube videos.  Ones like haircutting tutorials and  Medical videos of people having checkups.  More-so is nice when you listen to the roleplay videos of the previously mentioned.

The interesting thing is there is in fact a term and a community that revolves around what I always called and considered to be kinda silly little things that make me feel all sleepy and satisfied my odd obsession to like the idea of being lightly touched ( like when they did Lice Checks in school).  The community and term is ASMR.   A concept of matching certain sounds and actions to create a heightened sense of awareness or as they call it "tingles".

One of the who does nice RolePlays is MassageASMR.

Linked above is his YouTube playlist of various options to relax.  Another great one is HeatherFeather, just search for her on YouTube and you'll find many of her videos as well. n.n;;

I like being helpful when I can.  Sleep tight!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Kawaii's Wisdom from a Reaper #3

" Much of what society calls taboo can be considered as such only based on the proven facts of ones inability to see beyond the hand; and ones fear. Question not the ability or moral of simple taboos... question more your reasons why it is taboo.

This of course does not include those taboo subjects such as ones illegal or unmoral. Taboo that outreaches the bounds of moral and life are not taboo... they are sins that should be judged by the universe in the heaviest of hands. If you taboo in a moral-less way, you will come to enjoy your most pleasured taboos with a reaper who's interest in your sins matches that of one who watches a sink empty of water. De-moralize your soul and it will drain empty to the interest of a dark souled guide.

Don't reject, judge, or place labels on people for things they do which you don't understand. The ideal of someone acting a different way or doing things differently does not condemn them to a group your fear and uninformed has created for them. Try to understand the act and thought of the person and see beyond the claims of strange and weird and into something you will feel more educated about.

Being said, many taboos central around lust and more-so into dark ideas or acts... these shouldn't be seen as taboo if they are morally in question of cause pain or suffering. These are acts of sin, true darkness, and a deceased soul. No human soul will fully live in such places and people in this place require quick action and help. Otherwise to be damned to the darkness of the afterlife or to forever be stained with innocent blood.

A reaper has been both and seen both in her life alive and beyond. A true reaper can move forward afterwards and see the wrong and her soul bleed for forgiveness of all life and energies around her and will fight to be forgiven.... Using her ability to stop the darkness within and exterior to herself. And in the end, know her own existence in most modern worlds is mocked and forgotten by gender stereotyping and finds no issue with it.

I believe in our universe and welcome my (OUR) mothers embrace in her warm day radiance and full soothing night glow. As we all should.

~Kawaii Kosen Raccoon