Thursday, January 30, 2014


We got a bunch more snow today,  I deffo need some spring time now.  ;p

It was neat to think even Florida areas has snow possible this week. ^^

eyep, im sleep blogging.  niighters!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stuff for Sale in 2014

Adding things into the amazon store!  Got 2 things right now and everything else was taken down for now.

So eyup!  Check it out. :D

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh

Amazing seeing Steve Jobs sooo long ago.  He looks so different from last seen.   I learned to use this PC after my first PC I ever used at age 3 or so...  an Apple IIe.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Some Random Youtube fun when I should be in bed.  Imma naughty puppy... :3

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wisdom from a Reaper #2

It's not time, it's never a matter of time... but a matter of moment.  Each moment in a life is stored in a book within the universe.  We each write our own story and the ink never goes dry until the day your passed hands close it.

  ~ Kanata; daughter of ruling order to all reapers, First Class Ranking Reaper, Canadian Territories (retired)

In the world my mind has created for my characters, each and every one of our lives is tracked within a book, sometimes numerous books. These are stored within the highest libraries of the universe for reapers to record and study.  The Reaper uses these to look at your past and present, to be given orders to guide you from a failing life, a life of wrong...  or with orders to bring you to the afterlife based on infinite reasons and decisions.

Years and centuries of life in our universe has been recorded and in the beginning the reaper was given orders based on force and current views we know today.... by will or force, a soul would be taken.  Years of a fight within this worlds universe and fights by a female reaper to change a system, change the story of how a reaper was seen raged and in the end.... now a order and system has been slowly in place.  Offering guidance before demand and care to each being's story and book.

When you life your life here on earth, we wonder unknown of the unseen powers that control us.  My story is fiction to my own knowledge, yet for all anyone knows... we are living quite the similar path today here on earth.  If a book existed of your life, what would your story be in that book... what would the parchments of time read as the reapers write their notes of you?  

Kanata is one of a few ranked reapers who still questions a system that her own mother created, yet she cherishes each book she ever wrote; no matter how she operated her business on earth... each book to her is a story that she could never let go.  She knows each book never ends until the being who's name it carries themselves closes it.

Don't let your life; your story become lost or worn, know that every day, you have the license to change the story off the previous topic written. Let it be in your heart to know, if a reaper is in deed writing your book, that you will bring your own story and live your life as you wish and bring tears to the one who's hand scribes each detail.


Second Anime on the watching list.  Well I only watched Episode #1, and i'm not convinced yet by the review JJ gave me yet.  I am slightly interested due to the biker reaper-ish girl... whom I was told isn't a reaper; and the un-found as of yet possible reaper type character.

The first episode seems to start slow and slightly.... quiet and typical of any kinda.. walk along story... aside form some small details of things.. like the Black Bike Rider girl... who is.. pretty cute looking based solely on her figure and ability to whoop baddies.  Tis the perverted guy half of me judging in this case... *shunned*

We'll see if Ep 2 gets any better....  Probs check it out by Friday Night. hehe    Anyone else watched this anime and have any reviews for me?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bashful or you did something epicly fail

either way he's super kawaiii!!!!  Maybe he wants to play hide n go seek. ehoh.. gottta hide!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wisdom from a reaper

Kawaii Kosen Raccoon - © 2009

One's soul is most powerful in fear and anger; learn to control both and your soul becomes an unstoppable force, a unbreakable weapon, and the path to your victories in life.  

      ~ Kawaii; high order ranked reaper, Americas (retired)

A thought that came to me as I poked YouTube's before bed tonight.  A bit of wisdom from both Soul Eater Anime Fun and my own little story I start before even finding out Soul Eater existed.  Never close your mind with what others tell you is fact.  Always question what no one else will and find a world within that door you opened to new stretches of your mind.  The simple question I had to question the MALE Grim Reaper imagery; has opened such a strange, challenging, yet amazing world to my mind.

Bedtime now. :3

Sunday, January 05, 2014

US education fail

and people think our current American school system is working.
Someone missed a few years of history class, check out Lizzie Bean's tweet: