Saturday, October 26, 2013

Help Kids!

Also wanna put out there something I think's pretty awesome.  If anyone knows the comic/anthro artist LizardBeth or lizzie-bean; then you know of her work and for (to my knowledge) the 2nd or 3rd time she's doing the Extra Life Marathon for charity. 

Extra Life is a Gamer Inspired 24-hour gaming marathon for the Children's Miracle Network Charity in which gamers raise funds thru donations prior to and during their 24 hours of non-stop gaming.  Gamers usually stream their marathon and urge folks to donate.  It's like PBS but with gaming really!

Liz is doing again I think 2nd or 3rd year of it and this I know is the second year of her doing it with a team of friends known as the BPD Army.

Their team goal is $2,500.00 total for charity; though you can go well over that goal as well.  Wanna spread the word on it and I know if I find I have some extra cash after bill paying; i'll put something to them also.

Liz will be streaming her marathon on Nov. 2nd from 7am - 8am November 3rd.   You can get more info on Liz's personal stream and goal from her blog at

It's a fun way to be part of something, it's apparently Tax Deductible, and compared to the re-runs and dry humor moments you watch on PBS with them always interrupting at the best parts;  Extra Life lets you watch gamers play various games and giggle at their deteriorating mental state as they get 20 hours into it.   And I'm sure gamer Sauvé folks can even connect with Liz on some games and play with!

Good deed and comedy for all! 

Hallows Eve

Saddly I don't think i'll have time to create Hallows eve drawing-ness.  Sooo as kinda a sub on that... I'm gonna embed a vidi or two that are imo pretty kewl little animated music videos from youtube... with hallows eve theme.

They are from the anime "Soul Eater".  If you've not seen it yet; you should.  Probably the ONLY anime aside from Lucky Star I've watched more than 1 episode of.  Im on like Episode 28 or so on Soul Eater as I get time to watch it on crunchroll or .   I'd recommend it for people who DONT like anime as even though it's a anime - it's got a lot for non-anime folks too; from sexiness girls and a VERY deep plot and a lot of fighting and action as well.  Oddly a large base of my Kawaii and Nightspirit story really works in a odd parallel to Soul Eater's main concept.  Mind you my idea was before I even knew of Soul Eater and there's not nearly as deep main plot to it.  But it still bears a lot to the reaper world and ideals of the afterlife and supernatural.  Very inspiring to watch this anime at times for things.  hehe   Enjoy!!  And happy Hallows Eve!!  Kawaii and Nightspirit's  most favorite of sacred holidays.

Not a Huge Manson Fan (pfft actually don't care for him at all), but was amazed this song is one of his.

Disturbed however i'm a fan of ( well until the last 2 or so albums... ) ^^;

Urrps almost forgot the first un I saw that kinda got me into Soul Eater, well made me peek at it. AMV of the classic Maka / Chrona fight with MSI's "Shut Me Up" to it.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ripoff alert

Im sure most folks dont care, figure juice is juice.  But it is still misleading labeling, especially for those who are really carefull what they eat n drink

Posted this on instagram.  Sucks instagram doesnt have sharing for blogger. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday, October 05, 2013


Hmmm :< This is soooo a Darket thing to do when watching over your shoulder; or in general boredom. :3

Friday, October 04, 2013


So after some very interesting time this week; I've started working on the new idea of Celix Productions.  My focus first is CatDog Fan Site due to the anniversary being in fact tomorrow.  Sadly I know i'll not be able to get a image done for it, but hopefully can get the CatDog Fan Site up on Tripod for now in full.  In time if I go domain; the fansite will be moved to the domain on it's own sub-domain.   The Gallery of old Fanart I got finished, now to change all the HTML image sources to the celix tripod site. :3