Sunday, September 29, 2013

A New Video that was Freaky to film!

Thought i'd share this here too.  This was a pretty freaky train video to film as after I found myself in a great location, I happened to look to my right of where was standing on this old bridge and notice JUST how high those Containers where in comparison to the bridge bottom.  0-0  Was fun though!!

You can see the video here -->

Thursday, September 26, 2013

YouTube is being Mean

Uploaded a few days back the Time Lapse Video, which now youtube won't monetize for me because the royalty free music I got from a site is apparently not royalty free.   So using Audio Swap which cuts out half the video's audio, until I re-upload with new music... which I've found on my trusted site I always use usually.   What I get for not having that site fav'd on my laptop. hehehe

You can check out the current version on mah youtube channel though til I can beat this laziness outta me enough to reedit the video. :3

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Instagram app was being so rude this evening.  Went on a Whole Foods run this morning and grabbed a few fun pics... I figured i'd share the pic collage here too. :3

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time Lapse Experiment

Experimenting with something having to do with my JVC wannabe Go Pro.   It has a time-lapse feature I've tinkered with, but usually the battery dies or something else happens and it stops recording. 

Given the rainyish on and off weather today... and I see more rain coming.  I've taken the JVC and pointed it out towards my window on a tripod and have hooked up my Charge Cable for my wireless headphones, to the JVC since they are the same mini hdmi connection. 

My hope is that connecting this to my PC and letting it time-lapse thru the day as I sleep for work (working 3rd shift now); that maybe it will stay on and record all the day and maybe even catch awesome video of moving clouds and rain and storms and such.   :D  Here's hoping and crossing my claws, toes, eyes, and falling over cuz I can't find my way to the bed now with my eyes crossed. :3  hehe

If it works out well i'll youtube it too. Wee!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Japanese Omelette

The most epic thing ive ever seen on youtube so far imo,  I wish I had the pan at least, but to taste the original would be more awesome! Such skill and technique to doing this... this is why Japan is so kewl imo! Along with millions of other reason. :3  ダシ巻き玉子焼 Japanese Omelette

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Anyone looking for some old CD's.  Favorite Band CD's you had and lost and now wanna find again?

Doing some very late spring cleaning and going thru CD's and selling on Amazon the ones I don't figure i'll need/want anymore.

I'm sure the brunt of it will be mostly Metal and other random as the brunt of my CD's from the old days where Metal or 80's or compilation types.  I am keeping some, like Duran Duran, B52's, and Weird Al ones.  But pop over and check it out if ya want.   Fav the blog or keep it someplace easy to access as I'll be posting as I put up more CD's.  

It's a rather long process of first finding a empty case, then finding the CD, or vice versa.  And then to check the CD on my desktop in iTunes to make sure it plays.  Then having to re-case any I come across with really badly damaged cases in time.  Got new Jewel Cases for that. ^-^

So hop on over if you want.  In time I hope to get things cleaned up more.. and then can focus on drawing or on website or on Spirit Bridge products and Youtube Creating. hehe

So Much to do when im not being Lazy or at Work. :3


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Well... so far so good.

Just got the call from work.  Again.. as I already figured... passed.  So will be returning to work tonight.... so now I should try to get some sleep. x.x;  Still don't feel any less like crud from last night.  Just need to learn to breath and slow down when behind... 

2 Days left til weekend (schedule is kind of odd where I start Sunday Night at 10pm and work the week til Thursday morning at 8am.) and can try to rest more.   And sort room.... and really should try to draw. 

I'm glad the HR person who called was who it was.  I get along better with him than the newer lady whom I have not yet met.  So makes it at least a little better; granted I'm grateful he has a sense of humor to tell me in a kinda comical way.... even though doesn't make me feel any less down, it's nice to know that there is some levity in it somewhere.

Not My Night/Day

Tonight has not been one of my better nights for sure.  Started waking up and the usual jaunt around town before work (I find it is more helpful in being on time to wake a bit early and just circle around the determined destination aka work) and then go to work.  Got in to work and was told by 2 people that it was a dead night... nothing going on... not busy at all.  at 10pm when 3rd shift starts... it gets busy... and stays busy... so whomever told me was dead and slow... obviously was fortunate to be in the calm before the storm. 

So now by 11:30-12 midnight I'm behind... and being behind stresses me out because I don't want to be lazy or look like a lazy oaf and so I'm trying to catch up.  In which a get a page to a work cell that had a lot of detail, only 3 words of which I could understand from them.  I go to the cell to be hollered at getting some rack to put parts on that I didn't hear in the page and go to grab the near by rack.. to be told it was "Crap" and wound up going around the building to gather a different one.  So the night starts to crumble like a old cookie.

I go for the rack and in process the darn thing slips some and catches onto another rack and now I have 3 racks that are resisting.  After freeing the initial rack I wanted and noting to clean up the mess.. I go back in to put the rack in the work cell, and then leave back around the building to fix the tiny mess I created in the digging process. 

After I come back I realize that the "crap" rack is sitting there on the shipping dock, I had forgotten to grab it... luckily now a cell across from the previous has a rack to get rid of and so I wonder back out with this and after dropping it off in it's spot grab the "crap " rack setting it aside as well.  Back in again and try to play catch up on the scale to have the cell operator come over asking for something moved... so I go around by shipping and move his item and as backing up am whistled at by a guy next to the cell. 

By now I'm not having fun with this lil game and I go back... sadly on my own horrid judgment, I'm heading back quickly.. turn the corner and look to the guy to see what he wants... whilst not looking ahead of me in motion... well the motion til I stopped rapidly. x.x

Looked ahead at the post for the little overhead crane thing they use in the cell.  This post is yellow colored, in not the BEST location, yet still obvious if your paying attention.  I wasn't at that moment and paid for it... So now Im really mad, mostly at myself for being THAT stupid to start.. and then have to tinker with a old box platform with no easy access to move it around.  By the time I finished getting the silly thing into place and the guys parts.. I was slowly inside both crying and cursing myself.

Again.. I am very strict to myself not to do stupid things like that.. and I wound up doing it...  The bigger sting then comes that there was of course a manager standing nearby (though even if she wasn't, i'd still have said something cuz I'm not an arsh like that) and so after a bit of self beating up and gathering of a different call, she walked up and said as per company policy, that we had to go to the hospital for a post incident testing; which basically was drug and alcohol testing as one usually gets prior to employment and a breathalyzer type test, which I can say in all honesty was my first and hopefully last time ever doing.  So we went to the hospy.. and took tests and since I don't Do anything other than soda... I was/am not concerned about the results.  The lady that the hospital was happy by the fact or possibly in shock, that I don't smoke, drink, nor have I ever had a breathizier before, apparently it's VERY rare for her to get a NO to the question " have you ever done a breathlizer before?".  The drug test will take.. hopefully no more than a day to get results on.

But again.. the main problems I have right now.. aside from still hurt in my pride that I was so stupid... is that also part of policy is that after testing.. I am sent home and cannot return until the tests are back and I show passing without anything.  So last night I left at 1am from work.. and lost about 4 hours (est. $60.00) from this for the day... and hopefully wont be in limbo today.  Currently I am just staying awake as apparently HR will possibly call me this morning too in regards to this. 

I don't know that the process will be after the test results come back in means of if I will have to take Forklift training test again or what have you.  My main hope is, keeping my job, and later kicking my self in my own tush until I can't feel it anymore for being so retarded to hit a post at work with a forklift. 

I just hope that this week finishes uneventful and that I can try to relax a tiny bit over weekend and try to not be stupid anymore.  I can't afford to be making mistakes right now.. literally as now that I'm doing material handling I actually lose the Shipping Pay and am getting $15-$15.50 an hour instead of the $16 an hour... and there's currently no overtime due to it being slow.  I need to work on sorting in my room at some point soon as well, get things that I think I can eBay out, cleaned up, photos taken, and listed to sell soon too as that will have to help me with getting funds as savings or overflow as my paychecks are in the lower numbers.  More so now I'll be losing those hours from this.

so.. eyeah.   Figured I would get this off my chest some.  I probably should copy paste this in my LiveJournal as well... not sure.  Just know Facebook isn't a place for this kinda talk and event(s).  Why I made this blog, as my place to freely type thoughts and events that I don't have to worry about getting judged and given close minded comment from.

Hmmm youtube videos... or minecraft...  which to do next til the HR folks get in and call?