Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cafe Ready

Well; it's going to take a bit... but I do have 4 things up on the new CafePress SpiritBridge Store.

I'm much more satisfied with the design here, than I am with the zazzle style... Better on the eyes.  Go lookie!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Zazzle's new design urks me like no ones fluffy slippers!!  I think it's time to move SpiritBridge to CafePress when I get the chance.  Also wanna try to revamp a little as I've found that I take more random photos than I do of just Landscapes.  So... I'll probably have SpiritBridge more geared as for all kinds of photos I take because as a whole the goal was a store for imagery that takes you on a mental journey via pixels... and that doesn't mean you have to journey only in the garden. :3

Maybe also Move the CelixDog Store too, but that store requires MAJOR revamp almost. o.o;;  needs more imagery selection.

We'll see how time treats me in the next few days/weeks.  Hectic work I tells ya... hectic!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Breaky Tyme!

Making breakfast takes forever! Good thing i was sneaking bits n pieces as I went.

Eggs with hickory salt in em, cinnamon apple spice toast, 2 Bob Evans sausage patties, and shredded potato browns.

Was initially 3 patties, but one had to be sacrificed for the cause. ^.^;

Monday, August 19, 2013

Anyone looking for a cheap Keyboard and not too picky on how old it is?  If so, got one for sale on my eBay account!

$5.50 opening bid!


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Doing the tiniest add-ons at the moment.   To the left you'll see some little buttonz for my Youtube.. and ive slowly poked at putting things on my instragram I use to creeper at folks I Sub to on youtube. hehe  At the moment tis more like a Food Instagram, as that's all I took pics of so far. :3

My Youtube is there too if anyone wants to checkout my videos, would much appreciate it, moreso if you subscribe to me! 

Ive been slowly working my way into watching Soul Eater on a lil free episode viewing website... the ad's are annoying but worth it in the end. hehe   Wow soon i'll have a update I can put on my MangaBullet site account that's dustier than a dusty rag.  ^-^;