Friday, May 26, 2017

Mitternacht Sale

Hey Guys! I've been quiet.. i'm sorry... -3-

But check this out - a few years back a gothic themed cafe/club opened in Southstar Glen who's main draw was music from the goth, EMD, and overall independent music scene mixed with a small cafe serving twists on cafe food.

An added note that seems to follow in most of my place ideas for "club" locations was it did not serve alcohol drinks. Instead they mixed fruit juices with sparkling sodas, waters, and coffees.  They also had a nice space for dancing and have hosted a few personal concert shows for bands like The Birthday Massacre.

This club that came into my mind drew me to try and tinker a design for it.  Initially as a push to figure out Photoshop; pushing the amount of brushes I got and finding way to marry everything to create something that felt it mixed well with the club's vibe.  The name was quick -- "Mitternacht Sanctuary" which mixes the German Mitternacht (trans. midnight) and the English Sanctuary.  Mixing the idea of a place designed to be gothic yet a safe place for all.  No age ;limit and noted by the city of SouthStar Glen as a safe point for families to meet up as well as for those doing online transactions.

The final design found it's way as a CD Label for a CD I sent to my bff spirit sister and then sat on external drives hidden for a while....  until now.

After finding it while condensing external drive files; I took to Photoshop to try to enlarge it to the Society6 tapestry size in hopes of a  awesome image and item.  What I found, after learning how to optimize images, was it opened up to so many other products and my personal fav is the pillows and bedding.  So PLEASE!! Go forth and check out the below link to the items you can get of this image. I put a tiny appetizer of the image below as well.  To see the full image again, the link is your guide. :D

Sunday, May 07, 2017

May Vocaloid Fix - {AR Live Movie} Reload - IA & ONE

A bit of traditional Japanese dance and "ParaPara"  from IA and ONE.  Catchy song and shows a pretty smooth rendering of fast paced movements too!.

AR Live Movie    Reload / IA & ONE

IA5 & ONE    |_ RELOAD |  AR
3/22iTunes Store ->レコチョク⇒⇒

=================================【AR Live Movie】 Reload/IA & ONE
Produced by : 1st PLACE | IA PROJECT KAIDO
-Music-Vocal : IA & ONEMusic & Words : out of serviceArrangement : out of service & DANTZVOCALOID & CeVIO Programming : Ciel(神無月P)Mixed by : NagieMixed at : 1st PLACE KAMIYAMA Studio
-Movie-3D Modeling & Motion : mqdlCostume Design : KAIDOChoreography : RSC MASAMI STUDIO(KEN)Motion Capture : D1AR Live Technology : DWANGO Co., Ltd.Real Time Match Move : Livegraphics inc.Live Filming Crew : Apollo Productions Inc.Live Background Images : FOV Co.,Ltd.Concert Location & Collaboration : CreAto