Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fun little side page

Decided to make a tiny side page/blog for the Southstar Glen City Venue.  Also kinda a cheating view at the design I kinda wanna have for this blog.  However making this side blog I came across some issues I was not aware of until now.

We shall see if I stay with this or look for a lil different version.

Check it out!!

Amazon Store clear out

Items in the amazon store are going to be invisible for a while til I get some more items set up.  Going to see if the stuff that was for sale will get a decent price at a music store in the area.  Also testing prices on some PS2 games, which if is too low I may try putting up in the store too. :D

So pardon the emptyness for a bit.

Monday, June 13, 2016

... just one try....

Source Imgur © 2016
Not going to draw into it...  just want to say my piece of how I wish protection for those affected by the Orlando tragedy.  I have a long drool filled speech and yet I don't want to dwell on it.  I feel if at most... the post on Pumpkin's twitter best describes my feelings as well.

I think she says it all very well... JaNe!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

tiny mention...

Wanted to add a tiny update.

Working on blog updates; soo if things flicker on and off.. you'll know why. :3

June Vocaloid Fix - "Ten Thousand Stars" CircusP feat. Hatsune Miku

I hugely refreshing sight for me.  As I started to run low on vocaloid songs to use here and pondered if I needed to just start doing Vocaloid Cover videos.  Then I came across this and was blown away.

Now okay, I am not saying that i've lost interest in vocaloid music; I was just running low on ones I felt had the fun happy pop bouncyness I wanted to post on the blog and most I felt I already mentioned someplace.

10,000 Stars is something I came across in, of all places, a Youtube ad for a game Miku was in.  I googled the song and was jaw dropped!  Moreso is the fact this song is actually a contest winning entry by CircusP for creating a new song using a release of Miku English; which now is featured in the USA Miku Expo shows.

This song still just makes me feel better; even tho I feel the song itself has a much more sad tone to it overall... I guess it's relate-able to me somehow and makes me wanna shimmy in my seat.  So much so that in the world of Southstar Glen; They had a Anime style expo in which Miku Expo was apart and this song was very much one of those in the set.  

I feel this video is a good visual of the show, but at the same time the venue it would have been at within SouthStar Glen is updated with very recent equipment and so the lighting options are much more vast - LED lighting and a custom designed lighting rig system that mixes the vintage rotating light box and LED "moving head" style lighting.  Something used in a smaller scale within the venue and a larger scale on the neighboring outdoor venue.  ( I apologize if this is a long random entry which makes no sense)

Ultimately, the show would maybe have had a little extra lighting but overall have the same style otherwise with a easy 500+ capacity.