Saturday, September 27, 2014

The loss of a peaceful man

I happen to catch a episode of "The Best of the Joy of Painting" yesterday.  And it reminded me moreso what I already knew, that Bob Ross was a very relaxing person to listen to.  But there was more things that he said that made me realize just how deep his show got... and in a way focused my mind on just how he in fact had a side agenda through his TV show to in a way make things better.

The episode I saw, which I couldn't find a YouTube of, was called Winter Oval.  He used a oval cut in contact paper to create a paint over mask which when taken off produced a oval shaped painting in which he allowed trees to break free from.

One of the main things that popped out at me was a mild political joke he made while painting a tree that has a lil lean to it... stating that tree are like politicians, some of then are a little crooked.  Had Bob Ross still been living today, I feel he would have revised that to all politicians. :D

Another moment was as he made the tree's, he commented how amazing trees are and how a tree can fix anything.  That if you make a mistake, put a tree over it.    Painting wise this is a nice trick, but when you dig deeper you could easily interpret it to mean that happy things like tree's can always fix what you believe to be a mistake.... or maybe more thought out, could just mean that when you feel you've made a mistake.. Nature and Trees can make it feel less crappy.

Yet another was how he made some bushes saying that like bushes, humans are individuals with their own characters.  I find the order he placed it was very profound in a way that its not insinuating bushes are like humans with personalities, but that we humans are like nature with each being it's own being and entity of the world and nature.

The soothing sound of his voice and basically passive, hands off, teaching that is more-so like watching a friend do a painting than being taught by a master. He doesn't see mistake and he doesn't take any ego in his work and abilities proclaiming in different episodes to make it your own, create your own "world" not painting.... World.   He was in deed a person with patience no other in current times would have.

I just wanted to share that. :D

Also on a side-note too...  I sometimes watch diff videos on Youtube (duh) and while searching bento box tutorials a month or so back I found one by a lady named Emmy...  So subbed and all now and she did a ORP tasting video.  She does many diff tasting vids and this one I checked out for heck of it.  And I can tell ya, the British folks get good food while at war.  Video embedded below for you guys to check out.   Even get their require tea for tea-time!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SEPT Vocaloid Fix!

Why stop a trend? hehe   The english lyrics are amazing so i'll put IA and Miku's version live.