Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sainted Places

I am fairly sure I haven't hyped about this on my blog yet.  Which I am getting an itch to try redesigning this blog again.. We'll see what happens.  ANYWHO!

I have the great luck to know of a really kewl girl nicknamed Nane, I believe her formal name is Christiane, and I kinda happen to know her thanks to her being BFF's with Jan.  More fun is the fact she's the first person I know of that lives in a different country.  Germany to be exact.  And what I feel is that Nane's home country is epic because of the photographs she is able to get of so many different places.  I feel her preference however is more sacred places.  Churches, and Grave Yards and such.  She even has, in my opinion, a very nice kind of Goth vibe to her and she's SUPER awesome and sweet too.  But the photos.. they too are sweet.  Click the link below!  Her tumblr is just amazing!  I've not yet gotten into the vibe of tumblr and may never will because of the weirdness people use it for, but Nane is doing it so very right!

The little description on her tumblr says it all I feel:

Sainted Places 
beautiful, magical, mysterious, holy, forbidden, hidden, lost, enchanted, forgotten, rotten, well-known, jammed, destroyed, rebuilt, silent or loud...
photography of sainted places +details. (must not be christian places). 

Granted now I really read that I wonder why not Christian places. Hmmmm... will have to remember to ask some day.  I feel it might just be preference to the fact her photos desire a very art and open feel, that i think maybe Christian churches, at least that I have seen... don't have.  Course all USA Churches have no real look to them.  Again why I am jellious. :D

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cake Update

Being the quick to retry type when food goes right.  I tried the previous post cake again with some quick changes.  This time I used white flour and vanilla extract.  I also made sure to use the correct measures of ingredients. :D

In the end I got a fluffier cake and yet again it was great yet I feel the spray oil I used took away some of the taste with a burnt oil taste.  Next try will be maybe with just parchment paper.  I also still am on the hunt in stores for ramekins.  I feel the cocoa mug I am using might be too big ad thus the batter at bottom during cooking is weighing down the would be cake top and limiting it from being fluffier.

I coulda sworn I took a picture, if I did it's hiding on my phone. Shall look for it later in the weekend. :3

I still highly suggest Katie's blog if you can stand to look at lots of yummy looking food without getting hangry. ^.^v

By the Way!  100th Blog Post WH00t!  oh and Happy BDay to MJ yesterday!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

'lil cup of warmy joy

My Adventure in Vegan Baking

So, my first disclaimer is; I did cheat.   Processed Sugar and MooCow Milk was used.  Reasons are included thru the post.  Secondly, I am not a health expert or a expert on Vegan lifestyle.  I was very blessed that on this day, about 5 years after I was born, the heavens brought forth my personal little expert on Vegan food and I am so lucky every day to know his little gold-mind of epic treasures and knowledge. 

The recipe is from a website Jan told me about called "Chocolate Covered Katie". The item I decided on was either copycat Wendy's frosty, or the Chocolate Cake in a cup.  The frosty however required more items and time that I thought i'd have.  So I went easy and did this recipe:

First was the shopping.  Went to my Janesville Basic's Cooperative with phone in hand, as I put the recipe on a word doc to read off of my phone, and started searching for what I needed and didn't have.  Already I know Milk, baking powder and soda, & Salt where going to be things I used what I had.  Things I didn't have was The Choco chips I wanted (Enjoy Life Brand), spelt flour, xylitol, stevia, apple sauce, & vanilla bean ( cuz it just better than an extract). 

The photo at the top of the post is the inside of the bag. I found xylitol at first in a large bag and panicked cuz i didn't want that much, nor knew what to do with it, then found the smaller lil shaker which I was okay with.  In fact I read the back of it some cuz I never really knew what it was and apparently its basically a sucrose substitute. It also noted that while sugar and sucrose are immediate contributors to tooth decay; xylitol is in fact less calories and does not promote it at all.  So a major PLUS!   The Stevia however was a bust as they had the same style containers but was over $10.00 - $14.00 depending which you got.  The cheaper $7 packets I was also not exactly willing to buy knowing that after this recipe; i'd be left with alot of something I dunno what to do with.  Bear in mind I shopped with my mind expecting either epic win or epic fail.  Never done vegan baking. 

I also opted for MooCow Milk instead of Nut/Rice milk since again I was kinda not 100% confident it would work out and Basic's only carried brands I feel leave a lot of aftertaste.  The spelt flour was a complete fail as Basics somehow didn't carry it.  So I used some gluten-free red mill APF (All purpose flour), which I have alot more yet to use somehow.  I beleive this is sneekilly made of chickpeas due to the smell and tiny chickpea aftertaste the dry mix had thru the process.  Yes I tried the dry stuff out... gotta make sure tis right yaknow! n.-V

I wont go thru the entire recipe here; that's the whole fun of linking the source site.  And I can't be the only victim of the hungry's from browsing her site/blog. I pretty much just added all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix em together.   Tiny secret for you blog reader types.  At first I instagramed how it was kinda dough-y and might been from too many chips.  Turns out it was from poor math skills.  It calls for 1/8th tsp for baking soda.  I had only a 1/4th tsp measure and for some reason my poor instant math decided that 8 is doubt 4 so I put in 2 1/4th tsp. of baking soda.  I later googled to make sure and sure nuff, shoulda used only half a 1/4th tsp.   Math lesson learned for next time.  So mine shown is much heavier, BUT that took nothing away from the taste and chocolate epic-ness, granted I did still use too many chips. 

So then you add the wet stuff and since I used vanilla bean, only meant my milk and apple sauce.  The amount of milk when ya look at it in it's own container (somehow thought at first would have been easier) is no much at all.  Made me feel not as bad about cheating with real MooCow stuff.  The Apple Sauce is a trick ive heard of before many a time on even Food Network to make cakes more moist without extra water or liquids.  This was very moist!  Also make note in above photo I did add the chocolate chips as dry.  The main flaw in my choice, which to be honest it's never a flaw having too much chocolate, was I used what I could get of Enjoy Life Brand... that was tiny chips.  I think Katie used regular sized ones and thus my tiny ones of the same measure took less space per chip in the measuring cup to add more chocolate per cup.  For a less weighed down chocolate cake, use big uns or maybe I guess I'll use less tiny ones. :3

Mix.... Mix... Mix....    This is where I suddenly felt as if I had made a grave mistake attempting this as the chickpea flour smell now finds it's way to your nose. As a non-vegan person... that makes me question life the second it smells more like hummus than cookies.  I rolled with it though.

Also forgot to mention that the recipe calls for Stevia, which as noted previously, was way too expensive.  I did in fact sub with the processed sugar as noted on the recipe as an option.  Again the amount however is actually very small considering the norm.  I could have just added more xylitol, but again having not any knowledge of this item and my adviser off on Birthday trips; I opted for sugar. 

Nukerwaved mine for 1 minutes 20 seconds; looked at it all " ehoh" and gave it another 30 seconds.  The 30 seconds didn't hurt it, but again Im sure my prior math mistake is what made things iffy looking.    Note the pic of it above.  Chocoholic Overload, yet amazing after 2-3 minutes of cooling and some MooCow Milk to drink with it ( can ya tell im not a full vegan yet? :D) and just... wow!

I was eating this and it was very hard to stop and take this image for instagram.  You can tell the chocolate chips all sunk to the bottom of the cup I used ( a hot cocoa cup!) so again had I not botched the soda; I bet, while still a tiny death cake of chocolate... woulda have been more fluffy.  And by death I mean you may hurt someone if can't get another one. X3    JaNe!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

DeviantArt Lazy Pup's Poll

Posted a poll on my Print Deviantart account.. aka Spirit Bridge DeviantArt.  Go check it out and you can poll your answer to the question here in comments too! n.n V

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

The day the man who's entire career was making fun of our world stops seeing the laughter of it... is the day we all should stop and realize just what we are doing as humans.

Rest Well Robin Williams.

If you or someone you know is having depressive issues seek professional help or friends to help you see joy in life.

Suicide makes as much sense as a tree sitting on a toilet. If you cant get out of your funk... surround yourself with people who can.

It's not your fault and it's not cuz your broken... you just have lost your inner child and need someone that can help you reclaim that. Everyone has it, and if you say you never did, your lying and really need to start searching while you can.

eyep; late night ranty post brought to you by too many hours at work.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

From the Book of Face

Posted a Vocaloid3 IA vidi to a Facebook group im in which shared different music people are into.  I post on and off mostly just randomly.  This last post enacted a comment with props from someone...

I then thanked them and they gave their view as well on how they wanted their group to really be and what they wished it to embody.

And.. I typed up a waayyy longer comment than probably was necessary. o.o;;

In the end.. I still stand by my comment fully though.  Music is an industry that stamps out hit after hit by chosen people and those hits are made from media's drilling of it into our minds and blinding us of our ability to really create our own view on music and society at times.  People will tell you they LOVE a popular artist, yet months later oddly hate them.  They will mock a artist's media based hype over some arrest or allegation, stating how wrong and strange that person is... yet listen to the music alone unseen cuz they still are shoved around by media's influence.   People would mock and spit hate about Michael Jackson.... the stories and claims made on his name....  the day he died; you could see every media outlet lackey, who initially broke that child case with such a hateful sneer, literally crap themselves mentally realizing that the words they spoke solely on what was written for them to say was now etched into history.  And those same people quickly jumped to backtrack and try to make it as if they loved the man.

Media has killed a lot of things that once was based on pure human choice.  Who to love, who to hate, how to feel, what to think of your country or world, what is good, what is bad, what car to buy, what house to get.   People need to break away from this....  dont wear,listen,do,feel,want something because it was programmed into your mind by a media presentation.  Do so because of your own personal choices and decisions.  When the time comes for our world to make it's ultimate choice on life... the media firms aren't going to be there for you.. they will be running, hiding, and avoiding the topic... or simply there with a camera to record your reaction for the 5 o'clock news.

Also as a side added note; as I did screen grabs of the comments and edited his name from them.  He replied to my very long comment.  It's nice and warm feeling to know that you have a inner view that others can agree with at times.