Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If only origami was this easy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

SE: Not

Found and watched the first episode of Soul Eater Not on YouTube tonight... I am greatly on the fence on this version.  I feel its like the pre-original time or parallel to original time, considering Sid and Madusa are in their original roles here. I'm talking first 5 episodes of the original, era roles.!/

Link to the AnimeList summary of it; says currently airing, but its not on my TVGuides. n.n;;  YouTube to the rescue!  I'm happy to know the same VA in the sub of SE: Not also is original Maka VA.    This new anime has a lot to live up to without bastardizing a very deep subtle message that the original Soul Eater had.  This should be interesting.  Gunna try to keep up on this and Lucky Star!

Wish Me Luck!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Pum Pum Pumpkin.. Chi!

Not going to go into a ton of detail at the moment, tis late and I should be in bed.. maybe later this week I can really go into the current Story of this new character; Pumpkin!

This is the most latest drawing I finished earlier this past week or so.  Tis human form Kawaiichi Pumpkin.  She is a city girl with a tomboy 'tude and a major coffee and caffeine craving.  She came into my mind a few months or so back as I worked on thrid shift at work driving forklift around and ironicly nuff was waiting on a stamping press operator to do something so I could move things about.  Ironic because Pumpkin works in just such an environment in her human form running such kinds of Large press's.   

Again I will elaborate later in the week or so on this.  But I wanted to show off the drawing which is also on DeviantART .    Done with pencil, Ink and then colored pencil.  I tried to do more light then darker shade layer with the pencils and unseen in this image. I made a tiny lil prismacolor chart, per say, to keep track or even just color grab into her own Photoshop Swatch Palette. 

She is also lucky enough to be the image that I will edit up in Photoshop to be on the Main Page Background for the new Celix Site that I am on and off tinkering with.  Saddly I had HUGE hopes for it... and with work and my general easily distracted ways; it's been alot slower and the launch pushed WAY out.   But I hope to get her going... The paid part is probibly nearing it's end as well; which I will repay for another year as well.. cuz the idea is epic in my mind and just required alot more effort and work that I expected and ive proven to myself that my old days of always playing with websites seem to have lost the get up and go now days.

In time I WILL have a launch-able product....  Well not product.. but site. hehe    In the meantime.. if anyone has any epic suggestions for ways to create a popup with no border of windows default attached.. basically a lightbox style popup that I would love to use in areas that are gallery based... I would LOVE to hear bout them in the comments!  

Tis the next post!! JaNe!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Tis the season!

My heart melted yesterday hearing in distance at work while out on the dock of the tornado siren being turned on.   I know I will offend or disturb or just create scratching head people...  But I Love Storm Season and the sound of a tornado siren in calm sunny weather just somehow touches my heart.   It makes me remember Arkansas and wish I was there right now to drive around and enjoy the actual Spring weather.. not Wisconsin's "Winter doesn't wanna leave yet" weather.

the TVN Facebook has been linking out their streaming link and noting torando's currently in the south of TX, AR, MO, OK, and southern IL.  And again I miss driving around seeing the storm clouds around.

The same time dont get me wrong...  My idea of a Awesome Storm is one that harms nothing more than grass blades or leaves or the occasional lawn chair in your back yard.  Yet I understand and feel that as basically land leasers of mother nature...  little ants in her back yard...  We positioned ourselves within Natures land...  We are not so much.. unwelcomed, but simply standing in a place nature plans to renovate.. and chooses to be a stage of her most current design and painting.  And while it is obvious that no matter who you are, where you live, or how many times you witness it... Mother Nature's power she exhibits to us in storm and Tornado form is breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and inspirational.

The key of course is, also in my opinion, that we get to see this in a large open field for the later form.  And when her beauty and power becomes a hazard to us and destroys and devastates...  I feel sad... both for the people whom it effected, but also because while these people grieve... so many try to cash in on it.. and so many from afar look and speculate and just talk.  So many can stand by someone going " It looks bad.. how will you move on".. and shove a microphone in their face or a camera.... or sit at home stating you'd Give, but the Government will take care of it.

I honestly believe that no-one can talk until they experience it.  I also sadistically believe that people who are at least aged enough to be in the first year of High School or at least anyone who has a "Me almighty" attitude ...  should visit a recent town that is effected...   They will only feel the fraction of those effected but for them just to walk alone thru the area...  I feel would ground so much and bring vast humbling and self appreciation.  I cannot begin to feel how one must process the fact that shortly after your life is turned inside out racing for your life and the 1-5 minutes of sheer terror and hell you experience and fighting to survive... to rise in the end of it to your everyday... being gone.    People open a shelter or a closet to find the house wall they had in front of them gone.. to find the house.. gone...  The people of Joplin, MO a few years ago stood to see nothing.. same as the town in Kansas that was literally wiped off the map.  These people who everyday saw a street of houses... stepped out to see nothing.. darkness... downed power lines.. screams of horror and pain...  scenes that no horror movie could match.  The movie Twister did not even match the true feeling these people had because this is a life that was taken.. ripped from them in seconds.

I feel we all take life for granted and I know myself... I take a LOT of it for granted and should be ashamed of myself sometimes.  Yet Ive driven thru areas as lately as last summer that where hit 3 days prior and felt a eerie lump in my heart driving past at the scale of it.  I drove thru St Louis, MO to Arkansas and saw the most Electric Service trucks and equipment ive ever seen in my life...  I saw warehouse metal in tree's and a entire brick wall blown in on a schools gym.

The point I guess of this post  and all that possibly random and incoherent text is I LOVE Storm season and wish WI's would get here... but I also understand that it's Mother nature's Season to show her power.. and that we all must realize we are of no greatness more than her and be thankful and grateful for what we have and what she gives us and thank her when we see storms for gifting us a glimpse of her beauty.

I once told Jan that it was almost as if Mother Nature was a bit of a Fashionable type...  her Spring and Summer Attire was lush and covered... more modest and at times windswept...   But come Fall and into Winter she became almost Exhibitionist in her ways.. uncovering her body... allowing us to gaze at her uncovered beauty and appreciate it.  Admire her form and radiance of every inch of her prior to her wrapping a soft white robe over herself to rest for the season.

It was mildly in fun and random thinking yet also so true and while in MY part of the USA, she's still kinda hugging that robe... other areas she's becoming modest again and windswept.  But also Playful and in her Spring Cleaning mood to start pruning tree's with her windstorms and deciding to regrow areas by starting fires with lightning.  She has a plan for this world and we need to be aware not to get in the way too much.

I... am... sleepy...  Night! ^.^zzZZZ