Thursday, February 09, 2017

February Vocaloid Fix :: Into Starlight ♪ IA & One

Well the original video for February was removed by YouTube; so this is a re-upload of the song with a different video and more info.  Trying to get a kind of template or design for each posting that is the same basic layout. ^^; v  Bit of Hyper-Rendering in part of this video.  

+ Hyper-Render :: Celixism meaning digitally generated people twitching out randomly.  ie. Hand twitching thru clothing; hair twitching in strange angles, arms oddly in otherwise considered broken positions n.n!

【IA & ONE】 Into Starlight -anniversary special ver.-


IA&ONEによる人気楽曲「Into Starlight」の、IA4周年&ONE1周年を記念した新衣装スペシャル・バージョン!

New Costume Modelng:mqdl、Hiromu

Into Starlight/IA & ONE :


■IA & ONE アニバーサリー記念特設サイト