Saturday, October 08, 2016

AMV Saturday

PC Cleanup Update: Embed added so easier to watch the clip. :3

Just a quick post of a great little video from BlackRock Shooter with the full opening song in english as covered by Rachie.  Rachie does vocaloid covers on YouTube and voice acting as well I think. I'll leave a link to her channel below with the video link ( blogger phone edition needs to step its game in embedded items; as does YouTube)

Rachie's YouTube channel :

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Testing out a new prints service called society6. Go on over and give it a gander if you would. I am still trying to figure out how one does some storefront customization and so it's fairly default yet.


Sunday, October 02, 2016

October Vocaloid Fix - Hatsune Miku - "Hand in Hand" Project DIVA Arcade

Fall is here!!

As well as us being closer to Election time.  Considering how election time can mean higher levels of hate in our country due to a separation of people by political party and political views; This song is aptly appropriate as we enter the Month before Elections.

Remember no matter someone's views, choices, or political/moral side.... we are all Human Beings - the largest group of living, bipedal entities in the world!!  We are all brother and sisters of a worldwide family lacking in hugs and compassion.  It also doesn't help when, in the USA, a candidate is most known for openly accepting and creating hate as a platform to a position that required the most bias of minds.  ^.^ v

Source of this Video is - YouTube Channel: googoo888

Listen to this song on the go from the Vocaloid Fix Archive on Soundcloud!