Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last Kiss Tour at GlenFest 2015

Okay random title; sorta.

Video just finally got finished and uploaded to Youtube of the GlenFest 2015 Advert.  Includes a new drawing ( well bits of it) of Bethany, a chara I have almost not drawn at all.  Was a sketch or two I never really thought good nuff to post I think.   She's grown up since then and eyeah.... not gunna be tha creeper type, but she is the niece of Silverspirit and Qu; and the sexy genes they have did get inherited to Bethany. ^^;;

Bethany however while at a NYC Art college also took advantage of not being at home with her more aware parents to change her look and presence some....  including a tiny nod to that Hello Kitty Avril Levine song that still sometimes gets stuck in my head.


Friday, June 19, 2015

wait--- wut?!

Either blogger is acting funny on me when I posted the Vocaloid Fix last month... or ALOT of you guys like Ene!  XD   11 veiws on that entry for me is a pretty big number... not 100% sure tho if that was people or just my PC scatter IP bombing the post. lol


eyeah...  it's been a broken oreo of a month.  ^^;;  Got Arkansas Vacation starting Sunday basically.  I am... kinda being constantly distracted by other things I realizing ive neglected to do the bill work I should have done already.

I'll see what happens with blogging on vacation. :3

Belates June Vocaloid Fix is actually not a Vocaloid... I may have run out of em for now.. tho I do recall now one for July thats just silly!  In this case it's a Epic Anime Music Video someone made with Black Rock Shooter footage and a song called " Beat Drop" by Simon Curtis.


Don't say I didn't warn you and remember I have no money worth suing for. ;3  The song is oddly catchy for something I normally wouldn't be into...  The imagery just is 100% ME since it has reapers and epic girls fighting and just.. eyeah.  It's Kawaii meets Melissa Meet Anime... meets glowing eyes and Guns.  With Rap like Pop music... hehe

".. time to round em up and tell em where to go...!"  ;D

I do have a itch to draw Pumpkin in Black Rock Shooter's hoddie at least or hoddie and modified attire.  Modified cuz.. well... Pumpkin's a bit more bustier than BRS.

Ja Ne!!

Guess what I did do an image of in August! :3