Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Firstly;  a New Years Gift!!  Early January Vocaloid:


So... a new year is just a sneeze away. And it's been.... interesting.   An amazing amount of-work.... literally.. the most insane hours and that time mostly with me being a bit of a one person department considering the situation of people that is happening.   I dunno if it will change, each change seems to usually end not well on my end with getting more responsibility and in the end... obviously burn out.   This burn out is very obvious to me and probably anyone who is keeping an eye on this blog.

The up side, if any, is that I realize it and push... push myself... get nudged... to go forward at times and some work was done on the Website.  It's....  got some work yet in means of the CatDog section I was working on....  I think at the moment; my plan is to finalize the CatDog section and make it live when that is done.  Character Bios will take time to make as I need a layout design and all new drawings of them.  And if you poke my DeviantArt you notice I don't draw as much as I'd like.

So my hope is to get that moving ahead as best I can.   I added a video on my Youtube of my Christmas decor as I am sure I have noted on the blog.  I made a 2014 New Years Eve Bash advert like Ive done in the past; however a clip I used is apparently on lockdown with Sony Japan and Youtube just bam-hammers the hell outta it to a point the only way to share with JJ was to Vimeo  it.  Tommy Heavenly6 is either a HUGE star... oorrr Sony Japan tying to make her work disappear by not letting anyone worldwide see it.. since twas a worldwide block I got when I uploaded the vidi with a clip of Papermoon on it.

So, what is 2015 going to be for a CelixDog?   Probably more issues trying to balance a moronic working situation ( to be quite frank-furter ) and realizing how much less I do than I used to.  I amd SO behind on my anime's... x.x  

The usual fair, I wont promise due to the obvious weak as water mind, for 2015 is I guess better Money working (says the guy who has to still update his checkbook from like 2 paychecks ago now...) and whole healthier mindset/diet.    The whole potato sack look isn't doing it...x.x

Bout all I really can thinka....  I wanna draw more... which needs to happen to get Bios on the site and all.  My mind still is obviously into the entire concept as charas still seem to move daily in my mind... though I feel most of them are the newer charas and the older ones are less up front - this may be fatal to my mind and will need to be balanced as well.

So---  eyah


Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 Christmas Decor + Tree Setup

Long time no blog.  Im sorry.  :c       To makeup for it for now;  I give you my 2014 Tree setup and Decor video for Christmas!   Merry Christmas to all the folks out there who drop by the blog or any of my other sites.   Thank You for visiting even if by accident!  

I will have another video up soon of me trying Japanese Soda for the first time.... it's a bit real... real ghetto since I hadn't shaved for a while and I was recording in a Sentry Foods ( Festival) parking lot.  But was fun trying something so very different!  

Until then enjoy my Christmas Video below!

<3   ~ Dave