Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Vocaloid Fix

It's that time again!! Vocaloid Fix tyme!

We start with Cyber Thunder Cider with IA!

And then a very special video in which history was made in music this month as a Vocaloid hit US National TV on the David Letterman Show!  The first ever late night appearance of a digital artist on National US Television.

I heard the reviews on this performance were very mixed; but I think was very awesome...  I am sure that some of the words that I found it hard to understand came from some translation issues as I believe the entire song was done in English and the way Vocaloids seem to have been programmed ( based on articles ive read) uses sound not words.  Which adding in Japanese voice actor tones and general English having many words with diff sounds...  The words I feel got a little off; none the less a amazing moment in America!.   It was also great that the original vocaloid was the one to do this.  Maybe we'll see IA and the others on other Late Night shows soon?  XD