Sunday, March 23, 2014

Darket: Finished

Got done tonight with all the coloryness for Darket I have been giving lil WIP updates on!  You can check her out in full glory of uniform and soul wings on DeviantART!

Darket: School Time by CelixDog04 on deviantART

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This little vocaloid girl has some fancy dance moves!!  Dunno if Michael Jackson showed her some of those or not.  I know imam old fart cuz seeing this just amazes me at the technology you whippersnappers have.  Sad that Japan has pioneered this into a HUGE thing that people pay money to see in concert and we are still trying to get past the whole sex-sells, drunk girls, rapper girl booty concept. 

I mean obviously that same dynamic is used in Japan and every country... but it just seems like they do it better... they make it more futuristic and catchy and you can't get it outta your head.  Just my opinion of course.  n.n V

WIP update

eyeah, I'm still working on Darket in her Reaper Uniform.  I need to get on with it so I can get working on a more important Pumpkin image for the website I never work on.  x.x  

So i've got base colors down for the most part...  the inking was totally redone in possibly the most time consuming way possible until I learn a better way.  Theres many little details that need work yet; primarily the markings on her fur and some eyes and her Tie and Rank Pin.   Then the Background and then the fun (painstaking?) part of the extra item of effects and such to make it how I visioned it.    But egtting someplace with it on and off.  I'm being exceptionally bad right now and finished getting all this done tonight when I should be asleep for work in the morning.  Saying that just made me yawn.. gaw.

When finished i'll let yall know and give ya a peek so you can DeviantART it up. :3

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The American Short Line Mystique

Website Article Source:

Re-installing my old Train Simulator program again onto the no Win8 PC and was poking the trainsim forum and clicked on RailWorks website link on a whim.  RaiWorks is like the newest version of Train Sim, yet I have the old version which works fine.  The feature on their site I found was this article that makes me really wanna go out and just scourer the area for short-lines.  Saddly this area I feel has lost all of them... Arkansas I know that the Arkansas Missouri Railroad is exactly as of this article talks of and the photos in the article are amazing. It also amazes me the look of these simulator routes now at how realiatic they have gotten.  I poke the train sim forum to find new add in files for my train sim program and collected a few nice things... yet I still wish I could find some free WigWag add in's. :)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Maka and Crona becoming friends

If you visit this blog, even just briefly... please take a moment to watch this clip from Soul Eater.  If you know anyone suffering from depression or social anxiety...  You should share this with them... its a bit tense graphically at moments... but I feel so many people are Chrona and something as pure as how Maka handles this situation.... can save lives of those thinking dark thoughts.   Fight our negative society with positive moments no matter where they come from or what form they take.  

This isn't a medical issue, it's a human one that may need more than just another prescription.

Dararara Final Thoughts

Watched last episode this evening,  I am torn by this anime as it has reaper fairy who is cute and some very soul reaper moods, yet the abundance of stories makes this, confusing for someone like me who if striving to keep up with the subtitles. n.n; 

In the end, I am 100% a Celty Fan!!!

I mean, eyeah... diffidently a Kanata Reaper type. At least in looks, Kanata however is more evil than Celty could ever think of being.

Same time I am deffo feeling a deep Kawaii backstory vibe with Anri, aside from the bust proportions, would be a perfect Kawaii match almost.

Anri is a total BA good person with super evil powers. however the anime did, as did Soul Eater, have underlying meanings and morals and lessons of life.  Obviously, don't join gangs unless they are helping others.

But also, the tech and ability thru a very basic (to us now) technology as text and forum can create so much good and bring life and meaning to someone without altering their lives to a point of issue.

There is also the fact to not follow others, do not just read people as a cover of a magazine, and that while secrets and set thought to protect loved ones by not sharing information can lead to bad things.  Very true if you yourself are suffering from something or feeling a un-ease in yourself and being.

On topic of the ending... I feel.... unfinished.   I want to see Celty further pursue the hunt for her head and to know more about what happened on her end of things.

Overall awesome anime for anyone to watch.  I challenge anyone to hone their cell phone texting typing skills to Celty's level.  ;D