Sunday, February 23, 2014

WIP Tyme update

Just wanted to add a lil update as I just used 1 YouTube video to basically sudo-ink the Darket Uniform Pic.

Darket so Far as I delete fadey bits
As you can see, the technique isn't flawless.  It's in fact for a clean white BG sheet of light pencil.  Sadly I am not as clean at times and erase - alot-!  But I am working around it by point selecting and then foreground white deleting the darker blocks I don't want for now.

Granted coloring will be interesting.  I don't know yet if I will do the foreground whiten inside area or leave the sketch shading as I color it yet.  I can actually take this 2 ways to be honest; a full color with effect.. or I can just go more silhouette or manga shaded with the effect.  The tutorial I found so far on inking WAS very helpful!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quick Plug

Just doing a quicky reminder/plug to check out my Amazon Store.   Link to the right there ---->

1 Electronic and some music and a Book and VHS as well.  Also my photo account on DeviantART is getting some nice refreshing attention too if ya haven't checked that out yet!  You can see the images and also get Prints of different photos as well!

*winky face!* ;03

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Reaper Kawaii's Wisdom #2

Kawaii enjoying a nighttime guilty pleasure known as "Moon Bathing"

Kawaii tends to be the more deep minded character; she has some more thoughts to share tonight. Enjoy!

...Everyone has Demons in them.
These Demons are what reapers rely on and utilize to be the most focused and unfeeling, it makes it easy to take souls the old way by force or fight.

Humans have these demons, yet do not rely on them for power and will control them to their ability. Some succeed in fighting them, and other fall into it's darkness and life ends.
Those who overcome their Demons and are able to destroy them, are those focused and centered to a point that they see all light. These people have come to peace with themselves and life that us Reapers tend to envy.

Find center and control your inner demons, and find peace in your life...  those who hurt and kill are those who've allowed their demons to take over.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Birthday Album

We're Making a New Album!
     New songs are being created for a new album and now we would like you to join in the            experience!
    About the project
     Thanks for visiting us here. So, we have a brand new collection of songs, and are quite              excited by the sound of them so far. We’re putting them together now but thought, “what if        the fans could interact with us as we did this and be a part of the process while we make          this new record?”
     So that’s what we’re doing. And here, we’ll be doing lots of things we’ve never done                before, not only with music but also with what we’re offering…just have a look. 
 Text above is from the pledge site.  They already are at 135% of the goal, but if your a Fan of the Birthday Massacre; I'd say pledge anyway for the amazing perks!   Just figured I'd put this out there cuz i'm excited for a New Album! :3

Sunday, February 09, 2014

So ONE sided in a multi-sided story

Watching Durarara as a suggested must see from JJ; and so far watching the sub on hulu, of all the stories going on... my mind is instantly stuck on Celty.  I swear I must have some Japanese in my blood... cuz I made Kawaii as a sexy librarian type who has reaper-ness... and here we have a headless reaper like fairy who is.. friggin hawt. :3

And pissing off Celty is also not recommended... considering Ep 11 I just finished watching where she can be obviously seen as deeply hurt and enraged....  it hits me so hard... I can feel Kawaii's blood in me boil knowing Kawaii must have felt this way at one time also. 

Jan told me there was some Darket and Kawaii in \this anime... yet somehow I feel I've missed those she referred to and am headlong into the cute reaper death fairy. <3  =^-^=

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Alot of uploading

Dripping Springs Falls @ West Siloam, OK  Natural Falls State Park
Spent most of the evening uploading more images from the DA to the Puppy-Dreams photo account.  Be sure to check it out if you haven't yet!!  They get a nice little bit of attention as I upload them with is really warming for me.   You can buy prints of various photos as well which is really nice for me and you!

Also added some CD's and a USB Hub to my Amazon Store also tonight for sale.  Again check it out.. alot of different things, though most of these are Korn CD's... which makes me realize how much I liked Korn back in the day.  I however haven't listened to any of these CD's in forever.. soo eyeah...  need the room and closet space. hehe

2 New Photographs + Prints

Last Stop, Livingston Station by puppy-dreams on deviantART

One of the two photographs I added to the puppy-dreams photography account.  I have a little gathering of more imges waiting in the DA area that I didn't have a chance yet to put up.  So keep your eyes on that account over the weekend. :D

Friday, February 07, 2014

Updated Blog for now!

Kay I think i'm done tinkering now for a bit...  Look new buttunz!! And theres a totally new one.  You can keep track of the Anime I watch, most likely on!   And what's on the agenda.... Will I ever see em all?!! Only 1 way to know... that list thingy! hehe  :3

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Can't Leave it be....

eyeah.. if ya notice i'm fiddling with the layout again. :3  I can't help it.. I keep wanting it to look a lil different.  The original Facebook mimic idea is now to make something just Awesome in it's own.  Yet at some point it will have to still mix well with the Domain.. which I am horridly behind on.... still need to make the main page background drawing for the image. x.x

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

School Uniforms for All

Check out my Thumb!!! Yay!

Okay, so this is the image quality since this isn't scanned yet.  I sent a revision picture to Jan to give me critique on it cuz well... she's like my best Art critic to get info on pics from. :D

So a little info on this.  As previously mentioned; this is Darket wearing her class uniform for the Reaper Weapon and Defense Class.  The class she's in is a basic one and teaches how to use your scythe, ways to conceal and handle it, and then also defensive maneuvers and also begins the disciplining of future high rank reapers to be able to preform their job un-phased by their surroundings to a point they are able to predict movements of the enemy.

Darket enrolled once, or to say Kawaii enrolled her, and she lasted a week before refusing to go back.  She has since after that (with about a half year or so rest) decided to retry.  The class is taught by a high ranking retired reaper from the German  zone and while being quite calm, collected, and pleasant outside of the classroom; inside her classroom you will find strict and demanded order and compliance that even a catholic nun would feel uneasy about.  

The uniform itself is a bit of a pass off from Scythe Master Maka Albarn's attire (which I think is rockin!) but with alterations as to not just fully copy the look.  The inspiration for the alterations is a bit.... interesting.  After trying to search "Japaneese School Girl Uniform" on google... and passing all the sexy pictures; I saw nothing really..d ark.. nothing really giving me a Soul Eater-ish Reaper feel.  I then thought about the teacher's basic story which is still in the works and googled " German Schoolgirl Uniform" which is really a dulled down more American Christian School style uniform.  Again not exactly what I was looking for.

I then thought back some and again pulling from the WAY the class is handled and some odd conversation myself and Jan had a few weeks back.. I googled " Nazi school uniform".  The results where bland except one that I felt fit very well:


The above image was used more as inspiration for the base uniform... including the cross chest belt and larger collars and pure black tie.  Darket's class uniform utilizes this look and Maka's togeather and unlike in Soul Eater where it was Maka's own style... All Students in Darket's class wear this attire.  Failure to do so... results in severe punishment.  Saddly for Darket... her hairstyle alone does not conform to these rules and she's already been the first punished in this class's session.  

The end result of this image is epic in my head; it just takes now me being able to gather an abibity to do the mental exactly in Photoshop when coloring and adding effects.  I'll be sure to try and post that here as well. ^-^

On a side note; you will come to notice that a scythe like Maka's isn't common place in this reaper world that's populated in my mind...  the reason is simply to the reapers taste, rank, and of course finance.  That said, few reapers trust anything beyond a more modern steel heat treated blade and hardened polished wood craft handle.   The scythe is more than a tool of death, but a in hand companion to the reaper and shifting it's form is simply the whim of the soul who handles it.  Darket's Scythe is a cheaper sold model found in an reaper realm store at near WalMart prices to those who aren't able to afford custom craftsmanship.  It uses a cheaper wood handle that usually has the heat treated steel blade bolted or riveted in place.

Her creator, Kawaii, instead wields a custom made scythe, purchased by the reaper demon that offered her something which in the time of her life was priority.... Immortality... and revenge of the world.    The handle is made of a now extinct wood and the blade hammered by hand during the beginning ages of blacksmith-ing.  The blade is sharpened by hand when made and Kawaii still will take it to the old shoppe at least once every few moons for a polish sharpening.  Granted she is retired and no longer uses it...   she still feels it's need to keep her own soul at rest.

A scythe like that of Kawaii's would be the equivalent of buying a custom Deloreon  DMC car when they first came out and keeping it in mint condition even to this day... while Darket's is a Honda Civic... yaknow the old ones that just about anyone could buy.    Just to put it into perspective.  ^^

Err I hope this wasn't too random for anyone....  Just thought be neat idea to share some of this odd brewing sillyness with others.


The mental keurig if brewing away last night and most of today with some bad side-effects of grumpiness.  x.x    The ideas are.. well...  Hard to explain the origin and they are triggered by things... sometimes deep.. sometimes silly.  Anime scenes, music, Animated Videos on YouTube and sometimes a pinch of ecchi perverted-ness.

Would anyone like for me to share these things on this blog?  Advance warning of things from suggestive and possibly at times down right adult themed....  as well as dark and chilling.   Depending of course on the moment.

I also ponder posting things here as tidbits.. like of sketches in works with some back story. The recent work that has found itself on a pause until I get a chance to work more on it; Darket's class photo from her Reaper Weapon and Defense Basic Course.  A class that basic learning reapers begin the process of their education to rise higher in rank while serving as a reaper and soul guide.   The class however is not as simple or kid's play as it sounds and the whole of the course puts the most studious soul to their brink.

Maybe i'll test with that as the follow entry to this one? :)

Monday, February 03, 2014

Great Advise from Anime

Soul Eater teaches a lot while blowing your mind.   There's a super deep process of learning for people with self image or depression issues that I might sometime go into.  :3

Sunday, February 02, 2014

2103 Rewind - Arkansas Vacation

Finally up!  My 2013 rewind video that showcases clips from my 2013 vacation trip to Arkansas on Route 66.  

As a mild side note; if anyone is more youtube savvy; can you comment where to find good background music that is allowed on monetized youtube videos.  sadly I cant seem to find music that is monitizable, just CC music that does not allow commercial use.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Interesting Tidbits I found on Wiki

Was getting reference material for conversation with JJ bout Japanese school rules.  The same Youtuber who is apparently a guy who favors his political views of Japan where he lives, also had a video I watched once just marveling at how a drunk man in a McDonalds was being taken care of by cops who did nothing beyond, talk, move his arm from pushing them when they nudged him back.   The video had a word I didn't know ( like most Japanese words ;p) and I wiki'd it... to find it was basically meaning... Mafia in japan.

Not USA style cement booties mafia; oddly organized yet with certain morals that you'd not expect.  Wiki Yakuza sometime.   The thing that I wanna talk about is the "Crime in Japan" wiki I clicked in the see more...  It staggered me that - and I warn I am not an educated political type... I dislike politic a lot so please no hate - compared to our crime rates and more so their view and way of doing things is both different yet working insanely well.  Below I've quotation-ed some comparisons.

USA: Crime rates have varied over time in the United States. American crime rates generally rose after World War II, and peaked between the 1970s and early 1990s. Since the early 1990s, crime has declined in the United States,[5] and current crime rates are approximately the same as those of the 1960s.[2]

JAPAN: Crime in Japan is lower than in all other industrialized countries. While statistics show that the overall crime rate in Japan continues to decrease, there are controversies regarding crimes committed by non-ethnic Japanese people and misconduct by police in reporting crime statistics.
As our crime has gone down but slightly.. Japan however has dropped theirs drastically.  It seems a large reasoning would be due to the lack of something we in the USA are still fighting over.  Guns.

Legal Deterrents of Crime in JapanOwnership of handguns is forbidden to the public, hunting rifles and ceremonial swords are registered with the police, and the manufacture and sale of firearms are regulated. The production and sale of live and blank ammunition are also controlled, as are the transportation and importation of all weapons. Crimes are seldom committed with firearms, yet knives remain a problem that the government is looking into, especially after the Akihabara massacre.

The regulate firearms and swords (it IS japan) there and do so effectively as to even regulate the production and importing of them.

In fact the murder rates between Japan and the USA are very drastic which I quoted below:

New Orleans' average annual per capita homicide rate of 52 murders per 100,000 people overall (1980–2012) is the highest of U.S. cities with average annual homicide totals that were among the top 10 highest during the same period.

In 1989 Japan experienced 1.3 robberies and 1.1 murders per 100,000 population. 
 If you consider this with some fuzzy math I did assuming that 1.1 murder count for every year from 1980 to 2012 (32 years total) and multiplied that 1.1 with it.  You got for 32 years in all of Japan... 35.2 murders per 100,000 people total in that time.   The average of that same time for JUST a single major city in the US was still 16.8 out of 100,000 people!!!  Just 1 Major city in the USA... imagine that thru all our major cities.

The main point of this scattered political but not blog is that I was blown away, simply after watching the most chill arrest I've ever seen on a video, at just how vast of a leap Japan has on the USA, which claims to be the superpower over all including Japan.  Yet our crime rate doesn't even come close and the fact that part of Japan's success is thru something we are arguing about right now.

And on my own author notes; personally I don't own, use, condone guns.  I personally feel our society has eliminated viable need for guns.  We don't hunt for food.. only sport.  We have officials to control crime and while their response time is lacking compared to Japan's 2 cops for every corner methods....  They are suppose to be here to protect us.. and give a feel of care.  Something i feel we have lost overall now days.. a fear of our police.  Its become a game to some to oust cops; instead we should respect them and mildly fear them and their training against bad things we might wanna try to do.

Again.... I have no political stake in any of this.. I don't vote and Will not until we can start caring about the dying and lost souls of our own nation.. not gay peoples rights and guns and health care.

Health care should be free as other countries have it; Gay people have the right to do as they wish... stop trying to force them into your little boxes of perfect; Guns are the last thing we need to worry about being a election winning topic; lets fix our economy and provide to our homeless and less fortunate and stop doping up our food chain!

Umm eyeah...  Okay off to find snawkz!


Cold blooded puppy