Sunday, December 29, 2013


incase I miss it in time; happy new year you guys!!  I hope to get the new site up and running in the new year and try to be more active in things like blogs and sales on spirit bridge, deviantart, and ebay/amazon.  :0)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Soul Eater Anime - COMPLETE

I finished the entire Season 1 Series of Soul Eater last night.  I had to start picking it up on for the last 10 or so episodes since was getting insane with ads.  Hulu has adverts, but not forced ad's you cant close.

Again I wont spoil, JJ isn't thru yet cuz it's running on Toonami/Cartoon Network and they took a little breather from it for this month. So no spoilt anime's here.  I did get turned on (addicted) to animated gif's on a site called  So below is some memorable Soul Eater Animations!!  And tiny side feelings and Thoughts on the last episodes I saw (Episodes 41 - 51).

Firstly an unrelated gif off the bat for those who want me to spoil and just tell ALL about the anime.

Right; so that's outta the way. :3  Click 'see more' for the Animated Goodness!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

CHristmas Tyme

'ello guvnah!

Christmas is almost here, just a few more hours!!  My spirit is... bout the same- ehoh.  No, not bad.. just I guess indifferent.

Went to first of 2 family dinners... was okay.. but I always feel outta place at these things.  for 13 years of my life.. Christmas was me and my grandparents and sometimes my aunt as well... eating at each other's houses or eating out.  Being in a bigger setting just I guess isn't something im used to yet - immm shhhyyyy.. hehe

But Yup!!! Merry Christy Moose to you all!!  and Happy New Year if I neglect to post before then!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

ALSO!!!  Don't forget to peek at Spirit Bridge for a few nice Photo based items!  You can ALSO get your ART on via my Print's DeviantART account for more substantial sized items for your walls in your house, cubical, man cave, actual cave!  ;03  Link to the Prints is in the lil Nav Bar as Well as Spirit Bridge!

Amazon Store Clearout

Hey yall!

Check out my Amazon Storefront!  Just dropped prices in hopes of selling everything I currently have listed.  Wanna clear out the things I have up, clear out the closet, and find new things to put up!  Mostly Books and CD's and a Game or Two!  Nothing Massive, yet a great little spot and it does help me in the long run by giving my unused items a new home!  Tis like Recycling but fun-er!  And it does help me make a lil extra money.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Episode 1 - 40 Reveiw of Soul Eater

Soul Eater Review Episodes 01 - 40

I will try my best to not spoil anything for anyone and be brief.  This anime is my first real attentive series to watch after seeing it a few times in tiny snippets on Youtube Animated Music Videos.  My BFF was also watching episodes as well and after the first few eps I was hooked.  I am watching the original Japanese version with subs (subtitles) which is a change having to read as you watch.  I admit I miss some bits as I cant keep up, but I feel its worth it for the most original experience of the anime. This anime uses a lot of deep methods to pull at every angle of your mind and heart, from fan service to heart gushing moments.

Ive noticed now at episode 40 that about every 20 episodes it seems they will change the opening or closing music and animation. Each song is catchy and fit for both pop and rock and metal types one way or another and the animation is again very typical of detail in Japanese anime's with a lot of detail on characters and motions matching the music.

Episode 1 brings you starting into the story head long on the first soul hunt as the prominent characters, Maka and Soul, are after their second to last soul before making Soul ( a scythe changing boy) into the Death Scythe which would be used by Death himself ( who is quite a quirky lil fellow you shall find).  The anime takes no time showing off the high paced fight action you will get thru the whole thing and shows not to mess with girls and their scythes. 

Upon the end of the battle we learned a base premise of how things are paired and operate on a basic level.  The next hunt becomes the introduction of fan-service and trust me, once you see it... you'll never be able to unsee it. :3 

Further into the series more characters are introduced, each starting straight into battle as you learn on the fly about each.  A lot of serious is cut clean in the middle by comedy or fan-service or a mix of both... again it all in the end plays with your mind the further you move on and is almost like a preferred version of " We'll be right back after these messages".  Each episode is cut in half by a small soul eater mini tile that bears again some catchy music sometimes sounding very new and popular here even in America. 

As you work past the basics of each character you start into the dough of this awesome cake,  now hitting into more in-depth storylines which are honestly painful at times.  You also meet some more of the main villains, one of which will be Medusa.  She is like all other villain girls in this anime pretty darn hot for a bad girl who you will soon hate to no end by the time you pass the first 20-30 episodes. You will come across more villain who again are hot... lets face it.. this below image explains it all...

 <<-- Medusa

Keep in mind, this woman will be the bane of your nightmares and hatred of things to come by episode 31.  Things will get real and you are found hoping for onna those fan-service mid titles, and this time.. you wont get one.   The anime paces itself in such a way it mixes into a amazing cinematic experience and a silly TV show, doing so faster than a anime boy can nosebleed. 

Again I am being very vague as to the fact I don't wish to spoil anything and many of the events that happen, even minuet, are pieces to a puzzle you slowly put together throughout this series. By episode 40, you are committed into 2 different points of a storyline that will in time join and possibly destroy your soul from within.   I am currently just finished episode 40 and it's a very pivotal point in the series and the battles, yet there is a secondary story happening at the same time that they keep you up to date on along with the main plot.

In the end,  Ive gotten 40 down and many to go.  Ive only watch online any other anime in full and that was Lucky Star.  This anime has a very dark side and very love filled side.  It will tug at your heart no matter it's path, orientation, or health.  Much as I have heard Death Note was, Soul Eater is... the difference is that instead of a full on Investigative style show.. this is more of a supernatural show focusing on the lives of children being trained simply to be grim reapers.

This anime I feel also hits me so hard based on my own stories with my character Kawaii, whom I had developed over time prior to even knowing of Soul Eater... to be a female Reaper/collector of souls. Granted my story then moves far from that of Soul Eater simply as my development of Kawaii and later characters she interacts with... only goes as far as I could think at the time and nothing of super detail like that found in this anime.   Yet the ties I feel draw me closer and I think inspire things to add for my development of Kawaii and others related.  I have personally always wondered after first drawing Kawaii on a simple whim of a Cute Librarian Type Girl...  just WHY the grim reaper was male.  And what if the grim reaper was a female... moreso in time became.. a group of all female reapers...  collecting those who are to pass, like tour guides that arrive to pick you up.

My own story in time has transitioned into a more guidance role from the old days of basically Kawaii going to a person who is deemed to pass and killing them in some form to guide them... be it a simple passing or using force for reluctant candidates.  Kawaii's past is a dark one there's much to it and the branching from it. --

But This is about Soul Eater....  and I must rave about this anime for anyone reading this post to at least try it... go to crunchy roll or even find on youtube some episodes of it... Sub titled or Dubbed...  I hear dubbed is just as good yet mild changes in wording and it still follows the same path and pace.  If you enjoy a suspense and aren't a lil creeped out by blood and violence.. please check it out.. if your solely on my little pony... you might wanna think about it first.. its a anime they does get pretty hardcore.  I also don't recommend this for kids.. there is cussing and obvious sexual placements of innuendos and cleavage and breasts and such...  Not for Kids unless your a responsible parent ready to talk about this and explain things to them that will enrich their future past seeing a girl and yelling "b00bies!!".  So be warned!!

Hope you guys liked this rather random and unprofessionally vague review. I don't wanna spoil anything and want everyone to get as encompassed by this anime as I get... even when I can only check out a few eps a week or two...  its quick to pull you back into it's embrace.

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Monday, December 02, 2013


Is everyone getting into the Christmas Spirit? I sadly haven't really found mine yet. Im still not used to the life im living right now with an apt instead of a house and I do still greatly miss living in Arkansas. I hope my Christmas Spirit pops up soon though. Money is tight so gifting to loved ones will be on a iou system I feel... I like giving though. hehe

I am hoping to film a Christmas Video soon before Christmas. Apt is getting decorated inside mostly and when done I can film our Décor and then just gotta find more spirited Wisconsiner's to record their outside lights as I pass by. The JVC Cam will hopefully be great for the task. Anyone know where to buy SUPER UBER strong magnets? Need some for holding the JVC Cam to metal surfaces, like my car hood. Right now it has industrial Velcro to hold it in place on the dash.... I don't trust the adhesive on my cars finish though. o.o;; So we'll see what footage I can get. ^^!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving yall and incase; Merry Christmas!