Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wake Up (HD) : Foamy The Squirrel

You tell em Foamy! hehe

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bad Parenting

A video from via Facebook of both the Washington, IL tornado and the worst example of parenting I've seen yet.  I've seen a good bit of it too in my home state of Wisconsin.  What's your thoughts?  I think the guy should have set the camera down someplace and gone take care of his obviously very scared and panicking kids, not tell them to shut up.

Also find it funny the kids know more about tornados than the dad who doesn't give a crap.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday, November 08, 2013

Insane Art

This is in-sane! If your into art and wanna learn some ways to create it as well, I recommend checking out Mark Crilley's channel, Subbing to him, and look around your book and art store! He has books out on both creating Manga and also his own Manga series.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

How I feel some days/nights

Some days/nights I feel like Stocking here... not bout Dieting though.. just in general the stress of the day. lol

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Check out @celixdog's Tweet:
Check out @celixdog's Tweet:

Saturday, November 02, 2013


If... you wanna check out other extra-life folks.  I know that also Youtuber Kristina Horner and her roommates and friends are ALSO doing extra-Life and they are doing it a little more out of the box with a more show feel.

They do more board games and random stuff.. if it's anything like last years.  I poked between them and LizBeth last year.

Live - Extra Life

If anyone is bored and has time to kill.  Liz Beth is LIVE NOW for her Extra Life streaming.

Looks like WOW or LOL at the moment.  I'm bad at knowing these games.  But I'm watching it as I poke around the net. 

Friday, November 01, 2013


Anyone remember the days when the biggest tragedy you'd hear about was a car wreak?  And shootings and explosions where a once in a lifetime event?  eyeah.. me too.   What happened since then?

I don't even connect to news or media anymore.. I get news like days later sometimes as I just can't handle it... I just can't.   There's never anything GOOD.. just BAD news and it's all being profited on by media groups.  I'm not political minded... Im not conspiracy minded.    I just am ME minded and have my own thoughts that can be right, wrong, mis-directed, total BS, and beyond.  My main thought though is our American society is so focused on Money, Greed, Cash, and Sex... that we just have gotten to a point we cannot recover to a moral life without either being part of a disconnected group like the Amish... or we completely erase all the last 20 years and start over.  Which we cannot erase due to the advances we have made in that time.

I just wish we could break apart the Popular Money Kids Group thinking we have and get back to the independent mom and pop thinking that kind of made what are now BIG corporations like McDonalds.  Get away from the idea that the BEST games and visual interaction requires the most REAL imagery possible.  There was a time seeing the cheezy horror movies that used strings you could sometimes see was the rage and people didn't buy into the idea of blowing up something cuz the movie they saw made it look so....  fake.

Now people see a GTA V gameplay and suddenly they wanna do that IRL cuz it looks SOOOOO awesome.  There's no moral.. no view of consequence in action now days and that results in the sudden upheaval of violence for the most part.   MOST of the few recent events have been KIDS!!  Not some calculated murderer on a spree.. a Kid with a Beef with someone, half the time a beef that probably could have been talked about to the parents ( who seem now days to not care to raise their kids) or another Adult.   Instead the kid apparently thought to do like they do in their video game or some movie.   Sickening.

That's All imam say too at this point... I know it's making zero real sense probably, but it's my thoughts in a fast glomp of text.  I'm going to resume being disconnected from the world and be disappointed in my nation's actions and those actions of the people in it.